Snapchat is a hugely renowned app across the world that engages individuals to showcase photos, video, share thoughts v friends, chatting v them and a lot more. It’s uniqueness made the a an extremely popular social media platform. Millions and millions of civilization use the application everyday and billions of breaks are obtainable of such vast audience. So, experimenting Snapchat is an limitless job, rather engrossing one too.

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It is well-known for its clean interface and also various high quality features installed with it. Though, over there are lots of users who does not favor the reality that exactly how stringent Snapchat can be in ~ times. But, have you ever thought how great it might sound to save someone else’s Snap without also get notified by others?


If you even dare shot taking a screenshot of her friend’s Snap, then Snapchat takes no delay to inform this to him or she which have the right to be really shameful at times. Very sewing every difficulty has its very own solution, in this situation we have actually a dozens of Snapchat Saver apps to aid save Snapchat pictures and also stories i beg your pardon you can readily use.

So, in this short article to aid you remove this dilemma, we have actually done a research and also used the apps to ultimately enlist the ideal eight of them. The main feature that has been emphasize by every one of these devices or apps is to save my Snaps and also save other’s breaks effortlessly.

Here’s all of them, uncover out your best Snapchat saver application for Android, iOS and also Windows platforms:

1. Casper (for Android)


You’ll uncover the Casper Snapchat saver app very useful if you just want to suffer a comparable interface to that of Snapchat. This is a new-age Snapchat display recorder that have the right to be used to conserve the Snapchat stories as well as Snaps secretly. However, the app is only accessible for Android gadgets at this time.

The app has some advantageous additiontal features including stickers, new filters, a method to forward snaps, and much more. If you want to save Snaps without also connecting her smartphone come the system, climate this application might just be a great alternative.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that while making use of it, you should stay cautious about as this application is not affiliated with Snapchat Inc. If girlfriend daren’t usage this Snapchat saver because that Android, climate you can try this method to save Snapchat videos and photos top top Android.

If your saved Snapchat photos or videos room lost because of wrong deletion or factory reset, here is the Android phone call Recovery that can assist you recuperate deleted photos native Android call memory.

2. IOS display Recorder (for iOS)


As the name suggests, the iOS screen Recorder is an iOS application that helps record your on-screen activity of your iPhone or iPad. The application is compatible with virtually every major version of iOS (iOS 7.1 come the present iOS 12). Among the finest feature around the iOS display screen Recorder app is that it no hamper the authenticity of her Snapchat account.

This Snapchat display screen recorder can purposefully be used to record practically every kind activity of your iPhone or iPad screen. After conserving any snapshot or saving any kind of video, you can modify it anytime together per her needs. This is a really easy and secure means to conserve snaps and also stories covertly without notifying anyone.

This tool can even be used to mirror your maker say on any huge screen including TVs or projectors for any type of of your an individual needs.

3. SnapSave ( for Android & iOS)


SnapSave is one of the oldest apps accessible widely in this organization to help save Snapchats easily. Though recently SnapSave has actually not been updated, however it does provide some highly reliable results if you are just looking front to save Snaps easily without them knowing.

Another advantage of the app is the it is available both for iOS and Android devices. One major disadvantage the the application is the it is not obtainable in any kind of official app Store or also on Google play page, girlfriend will have to download it independently from a third-party location. Initially, this app was accessible for free, however now you need to spend $5 to accessibility the app’s web version.

4. SnapKeep ( for Android & iOS)


SnapKeep is a neat and clean app with an easy to usage interface and proves to be among the ideal apps to save Snapchats. You simply need to simply download the app which is readily available both for your iOS or Android device and you can simply use it together your default Snapchat app.

Another notable thing is that the application borrows a comparable interface to that of Snapchat, so the you i will not ~ face any trouble whatsoever while using it. You deserve to simply attract doodles top top your pictures or simply upload them directly from your gallery seamlessly without any kind of hassle. Like all various other apps, this one also helps you save videos and also pictures with simply one tap.

5. SnapBox ( because that Android & iOS)


SnapBox is one more old Snapchat conserve app obtainable in this company for quiet at some point now. The app works for both, iOS and Android devices. The app’s user interface is quite an easy and easy to use so, friend can easily save breaks with just a tap.

One thing that you must keep in mind before using this app is come make sure that you have to log out of her Snapchat account. Through SnapBox, friend can quickly save Snaps straight to your phone’s memory with no time. The application is accessible for totally free and come pre-included v some extra features as well.

6. SnapCrack ( because that Android & iOS)


SnapCrack is a really effective and highly modern-day Snapchat display recorder that will certainly aid increase your social media game. Being compatible with both iOS and also Android devices, the application easily allows you conserve Snaps and the story with simply a tap.

With this app you deserve to later watch the photos you’ve saved and also even re-publishing it through your other friends. Like any type of other third-party apps, this one too has some restrictions and also you cannot usage it through Snapchat simultaneously.

7. MirrorGo Android Recorder (for Android & Windows)


Just like the iOS display screen recorder, this application is specifically designed for Android devices that allows you winter your Android smartphone display to any kind of of the bigger gadgets wirelessly. Likewise the application serves to save Snapchat videos or photos without lock knowing.

The application can also be supplied to mirror any type of game or also to make any video clip tutorial. As said, MirrorGo Android Recorder have the right to be supplied to capture any type of on-screen screenshots and be provided to document the screen task on her Android smartphone. Right here are an ext screen recorder apps for Android the you can choose according to your needs.

Therefore, girlfriend can easily use this app to screenshot images while using various other apps and save videos and even daily stories. The app is compatible with practically every Android smartphone and runs also on Windows equipment as well. The is really secure and also a trusted machine to gain things done.

8. Saver for Snapchat (for Windows)


Saver for Snapchat is an extremely unique among all the apps once it pertains to saving Snapchats. This app helps girlfriend to accessibility your favorite app on your home windows OS. So, through this application you deserve to simply conserve Snapchat pictures and also videos to your system without encountering much trouble.

This application does its job without any hassle and all that you need to do is to administer your Snapchat credentials to log in in come Snapchat and also hence usage the application. Later, for your benefit, you have the right to save any kind of Snap with simply a solitary click.


So, these to be our top 8 picks among the finest Snapchat saver apps because that Windows, iOS and also Android. Each application has that is own benefit and disadvantage, and as many of them are totally free to use you may download any kind of of them and also compare each of lock to find your perfect Snapchat saver app.

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This not just will aid you download breaks of others but likewise no one can get mindful that you’ve secretly retained a Snap that you have the right to see or do every little thing you desire anytime without any privacy issues. Usage the apps wisely and also keep gift socially active on Snapchat and anytime conserve your favorite snaps in simply a click.