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I am using DaVinci Resolve 15 Free version.How do I rotate video in it?I tried Clip Attributes, and I see an Image Flip feature, but not rotation.


You need to place the media in the timeline, select the clip and pick the Inspector. There is a rotate feature in the Transform tab.

In detail (assuming you are in a project and the media has been imported):

Go to "Edit" mode (the Edit button is at the bottom of the window)Drag the clip you want to correct into the timeline. Select the clip.Pick the Inspector from the top right corner of the windowYou should see a Transform section on right panel where you can rotate/zoom.

After the rotation, the video might not fit the entire screen. You will have to zoom based on the ratio of project_width_resolution/clip_orig_width_resolution.

For example, I have an ipad video at 1440x1920. The project resolution is 1920x1080. I will have to zoom at 1920/1440 = 1.33333


I think I have found an easier and more precise way to solve the problem of the video not fitting the entire screen after rotating it.

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If after selecting and rotating the video you go to the "Retime and Scaling" settings in the "Inspector", it is possible to change the Scaling to "Crop". In my case, that solved the problem (after spending a few hours to discover the setting...).

I don"t know if this method may reduce the video quality. It seams to maintain it.



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