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Hi all;I have a 2003 ram 1500 QC 4x4. Friday, the lamp the end light come on and, certain enough, the left headlight to be out. I replaced both headlights and checked every the parking, tail and signal lights and all are working. For some reason, the Lamp the end light won"t turn off. Id over there something else I must do to gain it to revolve off? Thanks:4-dontknow:!

You can shot disconnecting both battery terminals and touching them together for a couple of seconds to perform a difficult reset of the modules. No guarantees, however worth a shot.
Found it!
Made an additional check and also found a brake irradiate bulb out (the just thing i hadn"t confirm of course). What room the odds the headlight and also brake irradiate bulb would go the end at the same time? many thanks anyway folks!

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I have actually the very same problem. My lamp out will certainly comon at arbitrarily time and also ding (very annoying) uncovered license plate pear was out. And also it quiet dings away at arbitrarily times. But all bulbs room good. Really agrivating.
I would say among your tail light control boards is walking bad. The manage board is located on the ago of the tail lights. Friend could shot to check out if you have any corrosion in the sockets the bulbs plug into or if a seal is bad. If you find corrosion then shot to clean that up and also use part dielectric grease to keep it indigenous coming back or at least slow it under from comes back. If your seals are poor you"re better off instead of the board, they"re nice cheap.Good luck.Don
My 03 go this all the time and also even burned the contact on the bulb. I addressed this by going and buying brand-new sockets because that both sides. They were yes, really cheap at Dodge and they even told me the old ones had a problem and were corrected.

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