how to reset abs light on freightliner

Freightliner trucks is a famous company from America. They originally started production trucks back in 1929 and have to be coming increase with brand-new lineups ever since. Over there are tons of vehicles to select from.

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Each of which will certainly be fitted with tons of features. These enable you to stay relaxed while you are traveling top top the vehicle.

Their services incorporate amazing braking systems, an effective engines, and even models that deserve to run ~ above electricity. Except this, the ABS installed on this vehicles enables the customers to stay worry-free also when driving in ~ high speed.

Though, if her truck notices any type of issues with its braking mechanism then the ABS light will switch on.

How to Reset ABS light on Freightliner?

If the ABS light on her Freightliner truck switched on when you were driving it. Then it is recommended that you park the vehicle as there might be other wrong through it. The irradiate usually argues that you protect against driving the truck about as lengthy as the ABS irradiate on the is lit.

Though, you have to note the the ABS supplies sensors come detect if over there are any problems v it. Considering this, the lamp can even turn on if there is a difficulty with your sensors rather of the braking system. This is why girlfriend must check your vehicle properly when troubleshooting it.

In part cases, the light could stay switched on even after girlfriend have dealt with the problem. If this happens climate the only method to disable the ABS light on your auto is by resetting the system.

This is whereby the inquiry comes on ‘How to Reset ABS irradiate on Freightliner truck’. Prior to you begin with the procedure, the user have to be effectively prepared.


The first thing the you should do is to purchase a jumper wire. These are easily obtainable at most electrical stores or workshops. Though, if girlfriend are having actually trouble detect them then you can also get yourself a an easy adapter kit for service connectors.

You can even confirm if the part you have actually purchased is right by asking the cleric if the connector works v DLC.

Another reference is that you even tell the person at the shop around your Freightliner truck’s specific model. The model and year of produce can likewise play a function in what wire will certainly be best for your vehicle.

Once this is done, you have the right to then proceed to uncover the ports to plug your jumper cable. These room usually located below the glove compartment crate in her truck.

Though, the ar for them could vary depending on your model. Friend can also consult the manual provided to friend by the company to check out where the DLC is located. This are additionally commonly known as Data connect Connectors. You have the right to now lastly proceed to affix your wire to the connectors.

Make certain that you rotate off your auto before this to ensure you perform not gain shocked. As soon as the cables have been installed, the user can switch on their vehicle and then check the ABS light. This must now begin blinking, if it does no then your link might it is in loose.


There is a full of 4 things that the user demands to execute to reset their ABS lights. Make certain that you monitor the steps carefully to avoid any kind of further issues.

Press down your brakes tenderness without poignant the gearbox or acceleration. You will certainly then hear a clicking sound coming from your DLC connection.Once the user confirms this, push down the braking pedal 8 time again. That is recommended that you perform this in ~ a couple of seconds and also do not wait in between the pushes.The user should now notice that the ABS lamp on their car have switched off. If they space still on for some reason then press the brakes again. You might have held them down for a long time or excellent the process too slow.In part cases, the ABS lights on your auto will remain lit for a couple of seconds after which they will blink a full of 4 times. They will then switch off, indicating the the lights have now been reset.

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Remove the cables and also your auto should now be great to go.