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Got a tiny slop in your steering? maybe it"s time to check out your tie rods, and see if they"re worn out and also need replacing. To run a test on your health, just jack up one next of your structure in the front, certain it v a jack stand, and also start to rock the wheel side-to-side. If you see the tie rod relocating without relocating the steering linkage, it"s time to replace your inner tie rod. Her inner pole is closest to the engine, and also the external rod is hooked up to the steering knuckle ~ above the wheel. I"d advice replacing both the inner and outer tie pole now, since you"ll it is in pulling the whole assembly personally anyways. Both the inner and also outer tie rods will cost about $60each in ~ your regional auto components store, return has actually them because that less. I determined Moog trouble Solver tie rods for this job. It"s a very simple job, and also should only take an hour or so. The points you"ll need are:Jack and Jack StandsPliersGrease Gun22 mm socket and also ratchetHammerLarge flexible wrench, pipe wrench, or tie pole removal toolFirst, crank the steering wheel all the way in the direction of the tie pole you"re going come be working on (I"m law the driver"s side today). Climate take the wheel off, and also secure her truck through a jack and also jack stands.

Secondly, use your 22mm socket and also ratchet to loosen the nut connecting the steering knuckle come the outer tie rod. After ~ this, you"ll usage your hammer to popular music the bolt indigenous the external tie rod loose from the steering knuckle.Next, use your flexible wrench, tie pole tool, or pipeline wrench and loosen the inside tie rod indigenous the steering linkage. It"s probably covered in grease, yet if you look in ~ the brand-new inner tie rod, you"ll view what you"re loosening. I provided a combo of the pipe wrench, plus a length of pipe for leverage, and also it loosened rather easily. Be careful not to spin the stop nut beside the external tie rod, otherwise girlfriend won"t know how to change the brand-new tie rod.

Assemble the brand-new tie rod, putting threadlocker on the threads as you affix the inner and outer rod. Next, lay the 2 rods next by side, and carefully measure up the length so the the brand-new one is the specific same size as the old one. You"ll more than likely want an alignment done after this; however, this to be done ~ above a plow truck, so I"m not too worried around alignment- one smack versus a curb and I"d lose the alignment anyways. My outer tie rod indigenous Moog came with a grease zerk the they want me to download myself for some reason, therefore now"s a great time to carry out it before you download the tie rod on the truck.Installation is the reverse of the front instructions- thread the inside tie rod top top the steering linkage, being cautious not to mess through the length of the inner and also outer rod. No require for threadlocker here, together the link is usually wallowing in grease anyways. Next, connect the external rod v the steering knuckle, and hand-start the seed on the tie rod bolt. My new one came with a castle nut and a cotter pin, i beg your pardon made that super easy to get the perfect tightness. After ~ this, grease the brand-new outer rod, and also then additionally you"ll discover a zerk by the inside rod.

Now, placed your wheel back on, and take it for a spin! I had been putting off this job for a while, and could quickly tell that the steering had tightened up... Return don"t be choose me, and also wait till it was 20 degrees outside to carry out it :lol: hope this helps- permit me know if you"ve got any comments or corrections!

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