Samsung manufactures high-quality home appliances such together TVs, ovens, and also dryers. But sometimes things can go wrong through them and also they will have to be repaired. One of the most typical repairs is to change the belt ~ above a dryer. Over time, castle wear out and also sometimes snap.

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Replacing a drive belt is very straightforward. Merely follow our step-by-step guide below, and your dryer will be all fixed up in no time.

This overview covers many Samsung dryer models, including:






















Disconnect the Dryer

First points first, you have to disconnect the power and pull the move out. When you’ve excellent this, you’ll need to pull the dryer out from its room or from versus the wall so you have the right to work top top it.

Remove the Old Belt

Unthread the screws that secure the top panel ~ above the dryer. Slide the top earlier and eliminate the panel. Set it aside out of the way.Remove the screws that go down through the plastic tabs ~ above the earlier of the regulate panel unit.Lift the control panel, tilt it forward, and also you should have the ability to remove the panel. Take treatment not to traction it out quickly, as there room wire harnesses that you’ll should disconnect prior to it have the right to be totally removed. To disconnect the cable harnesses, relax the locking tabs and also then disconnect the cable plugs. Set the dashboard aside.Open the dryer door and remove the two screws the are located just listed below the lint filter.Remove the screws the secure the top of the front panel to the support piece. Pull the panel out slowly and also disconnect the wire harness that connects to the door switch. Tilt the dashboard down and lift it off the base frame.Disconnect the harness the is linked to the irradiate bulb.Remove the support item by unscrewing it. There must be two screws on every side (one top top the top and also one top top the bottom) the you’ll must remove.On some models, over there will also be a screw in the real estate that supports the control board (which is connected to the support piece) the you’ll have to remove.Lift off the support item and set it aside.Release the peak wire harness from the exploit restraints, and then ar it out of the method (you don’t need to take it completely off).Release the cable harness that is connected to the sensor (it’s in ~ the bottom that the dryer unit). Come disconnect it, press in the locking tab and pull that off.Remove the bulkhead by removing the screws that secure it to the cabinet. When unscrewed, eliminate the bulkhead and set it aside.You should now be able to have access to the drum belt. If the old belt is still intact, climate to eliminate it you have to release that from the idler pulley and also the engine shaft. You’ll discover them in ~ the bottom of the dryer under the drum.Lift the dryer north off the rear north rollers, and slide it out with the front of the cabinet.Now the you’ve removed the drum, you can remove the belt off the drum. And also that’s it! You’ve efficiently removed the old belt.

Install the new Belt

Now the you’ve eliminated the old belt, the is time to download the new belt, i m sorry you can do by:

Draping the belt about the north – make certain that the groove next of the belt sits against the belt.Lift the drum ago into the dryer cabinet, and place the on the north rollers. Make certain that the is flush against the rear bulkhead.Line up the belt on the facility of the drum.Reach under the drum and also reconnect the belt come the idler and also motor pulley (put it earlier on the same method you took it off).Test the the drum and also the brand-new belt are on effectively by manually transforming the drum around. The blower must turn as soon as you rotate the drum.Place the prior bulkhead back on and also screw it back into place. Don’t forget to also screw in the screw down on the blower real estate (if her model had actually one).Reconnect the reduced wire exploit to the sensor – making certain that the locking tab engages.Place the top wire harness earlier into the harness restraints, and connect it to the light bulb.Reattach the support piece by aligning it right into the ideal slots, and also then secure it earlier into ar with the screws.Place the two harness connectors for the manage board with the opened on the assistance piece.Place the front panel ago into place. Make certain that the is in the ideal slots and clicks back into place. Secure it with the screws.Reinstall the console by very first reconnecting the wire harness (making sure the locking tabs are engaged), and also place it right into the correct position. For sure it v the screws.Screw the 2 screws back into the lint filter housing.Place the peak panel right into the exactly position and also then for sure it through the two screws at the ago of it. And also there you have actually it! The repair is complete.

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Reconnect the Dryer

Now the the fix is complete, you deserve to put the dryer ago into place and reconnect the power. The a good idea to check the dryer out to watch if the brand-new belt is operating correctly.