Spotify is a popular music streaming service available for a wide range of devices. It has actually an ever-growing library with countless podcasts, songs, and also videos by creators indigenous all roughly the globe.

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A small pop-up menu will appear. Choose “Delete” native the perform of options.

You can also accessibility Spotify indigenous your internet browser. Sign in to her account and also repeat the same procedures on the web player website. The complying with browsers enable you come delete a playlist native Spotify:

Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Press “Shift” and also highlight all the tracks.
To turn the playlist into a divider, rename it come “-“after friend cleared all the tracks.

How to remove a Playlist from Spotify top top iPhone?

Spotify is among the more popular streaming apps in the app Store. You have the right to download that for cost-free or sign up because that a premium subscription. One of two people way, you’re able to make transforms to your playlists.

Here’s how to eliminate a playlist indigenous Spotify top top iPhone:

Tap on the Spotify symbol to operation the app.
Tap top top the 3 horizontal dots in the top-right corner.
A pop-up box will appear asking if you want to delete the playlist. Madness “Delete” to confirm.
Select “Playlists” native the list of options.
Scroll come the playlist you want to delete. Tap on the tiny red circle alongside it, ~ above the left-hand side.Open the “Library” tab in the bottom-right corner. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top-right corner.

Additional FAQs

How do I Delete song From a Playlist?

Of course, deleting whole playlists isn’t the only method to curate her Spotify account. The app enables you come delete individual songs as well. Here’s just how to delete song from a playlist on her computer:

1.Launch your Spotify desktop computer app.


3.Click on the playlist and start scrolling. Select the tune you desire to delete and also click on the three horizontal dots alongside it.


You can delete individual songs on your Spotify mobile app as well. It works for both iOS and Android devices. Here’s exactly how to carry out it:

1.Access the application by clicking on the icon.

2.Scroll v the “Playlists” section and also click on the one you desire to edit. You can also type in the title in the search dialog box.

3.Find the track you want to remove and click ~ above it. Climate tap ~ above the 3 tiny dots next to it.

4.A pop-up menu will appear. Select the “Remove from this Playlist” option.

Spotify instantly creates details playlists based upon your activity. Because that example, there’s both a “Recently Played” and a “Liked Songs” list. Even though they’re created by default, you’re able to modify them. Here’s how to remove songs native the “Recently Played” playlist:

1.Open Spotify.

2.Navigate to the menu sidebar top top the left-hand side.

3.Select “Recently Played” indigenous the perform of options.

4.Scroll with the content. This includes all songs, podcasts, albums, playlists, or videos you recently added to her library. Hold your cursor end the document you want to delete. Click the three horizontal dots.

5.Select the “Remove from recently Played” option.

Once you “like” a song, it’s automatically added to her “Liked Songs” list. You can do that by tapping ~ above the small heart symbol next to the tune title. However, in case your finger slipped, there’s a method to drown it:

1.Open the Spotify app and go come the library.

2.Click on the “Liked Songs” playlist.

3.Find the tune you want to remove. Tap top top the small heart beside it.

If the heart icon is no much longer green, you’ve efficiently removed the tune from the “Liked Songs” playlist.

How execute You Delete Playlists on Spotify Fast?

There’s a keyboard shortcut you have the right to use if you desire to eliminate multiple song from your library. Unfortunately, it’s only obtainable for older versions of the desktop computer app.

If you have actually yet to upgrade your operation system, friend can give it a go. Here’s just how to perform it:

1.Open your Spotify desktop app.

2.Choose a track from your library.

3.Hold CTRL + A and also then click the “Delete” button on your keyboard.

How perform I remove Spotify From mine iPhone?

If you’re no longer happy v the app, you have the right to simply uninstall it. Here’s just how to eliminate Spotify from your iPhone:

1.Tap top top the app icon to open up Spotify.


3.Click top top “Storage” and then select “Delete Cache” from the list of options.


5.Click “General,” then choose “iPhone Storage” from the list of options.


7.Choose to “Offload the App” and click “Yes” come confirm. The application itself will certainly be removed from your device, however the files will still it is in there.


9.Turn her iPhone off for a few minutes.

10.When you rotate it back on, Spotify will be eliminated entirely.

Spotify Premium users could want to cancel their account before they uninstall the app. You deserve to do that on her iOS device by making use of the “Settings” app. Here’s how:

1.Open your machine “Settings.”

2.Go come the iTunes and also App store section.

3.Open the “Subscription” tab and scroll with the list.

4.Tap ~ above “Spotify” to open an choices menu.

5.A brand-new window will appear. Select the “Cancel Subscription” option.

How carry out I recuperate Spotify Playlists?

If girlfriend accidentally gotten rid of a playlist from your library, don’t worry. Spotify provides the choice to recuperate deleted files. Here’s exactly how to perform it by using your net browser:

1.Log into your Spotify account.

2.From the navigating pane on the left-hand side, choose “Recover Playlists.”

3.A list of freshly deleted playlists will certainly appear. Find the one you want to recover and click “Restore.”

4.Go earlier to her account house page and also check if the playlist is accessible in her library.

5.You can likewise use keyboard shortcuts if you’re using your computer. Hold CTRL + change + Z for windows OS and CTRL + Z because that macOS devices.

Keep in mind that Spotify will certainly permanently delete one unrecovered playlist after ~ 90 days.

Spotify the Difference

As you deserve to see, removed playlists from her Spotify account is super easy. The app allows you to modify your media library ~ above all gadgets manually. There’s additionally a nifty keyboard shortcut you can use because that the older desktop computer version.

In situation you readjust your mind, don’t worry – there’s a way to reclaim deleted data. Just make certain to capture that 90-day window of opportunity.

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What’s your suffer with Spotify? perform you prefer other streaming services? Feel totally free to share her favorite playlists in the comment below.