In this guide, we room going to show you how to eliminate “push-fit” pipeline connections.

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These kind of fittings connect pipes with each other by “clawing onto” them and creating a watertight seal.

As a result, you will certainly not be able unscrew “push-fit” fittings. In other words, if you attempt to loosen these connections with a wrench, castle will continue to revolve until your hands begin to tire.

Trust me. I’ve been there.


An instance of a brass push-fit fitting. Together you can see, this brass connector has a eco-friendly plastic component on either side of it.


In the photo above, you can see an old brass push-fit fitting that connects 2 copper pipes together. Girlfriend can additionally see by the marks the someone has actually attempted to loosen this installation by using a wrench.

However, this will not job-related as there is a “claw” inside the connection that will certainly not permit the pipeline go.

It is worth noting that these fittings can additionally come in the shape of “elbows” or “bends”.


An instance of a brass “elbow” from agree Plumb. Other popular brands incorporate the likes that Tectite and also Shark Bite.

How to remove brass push-fit fittings.

To remove these kind of fittings, you will need to push in on the plastic part and climate pull the pipe out.

This plastic part can be any color. In the instances above, you can see the the plastic part of the link is green.

Although the is feasible to press in on this plastic by making use of your hands, act so have the right to be pretty challenging and sore on her fingers.

The ideal tool to use is a push-fit “demounting” tool. More often than not, this tool will look favor the form of a steed shoe.


You can usually uncover this kind of demounting device in any kind of hardware store that sells plumbing fixtures.

Note the the demounting device in your local hardware store could not look exactly the very same as the one above. Because that example, several of them will be longer and also others will have actually a notch or a grip at the top.

How to use a push-fit demounting tool.

Unfortunately, the instructions on the earlier of some of these tools can be poorly-drawn. In fact, you could even discover that there space no instructions at all!

To use the demounting tool, just push that onto the pipe.


The demounting tool need to wrap approximately the pipe.

Here, you have the right to see that ns have required the tool onto the copper pipe. Now, in order to loosen the fitting, i will press it in the direction of the plastic part.

If every little thing goes to plan, then the plastic ar on the connector will certainly compress inward and also release the copper pipe. At that stage, i will be able to pull the pipe out.

Using an adjustable wrench or a ring spanner.

You deserve to also shot to use an flexible wrench to do this job.

As the name suggests, an adjustable wrench (or spanner) is a wrench that allows you to readjust the dimension of that is “jaw”.

This will enable you to tighten the wrench about the pipe until it fits.

Note the it have to only loosely fit the pipe. In various other words, you do not must tighten the wrench so hard that it scrapes follow me the pipe.

Once the wrench is in place, you have the right to then press it in the direction of the release device on the fitting.


The difference in between an flexible spanner and also a ring spanner.

It is worth discussing that you can likewise do this with the head that a ring spanner. However, the ring spanner will must be the correct size.

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