During percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), a feeding tube is placed through the abdominal wall surface into the stomach throughout an upper endoscopy. The procedure is also known together PEG pipe placement, feeding tube placement, gastrostomy tube (g-tube) insertion, or stomach pipe insertion.

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The procedure permits nutrition, fluids, and also medications to be put directly into the stomach, bypassing the mouth and esophagus. The is performed because that patients that cannot eat or drink by mouth, such as those with:

Neurologic conditions linked with poor swallowing, e.g., punch or alzheimer diseaseOral or esophageal cancer, which have the right to prevent patient from swallowingOther diseases of the esophagus the decrease a patient’s capability to swallowBirth defects that the mouth, esophagus, or stomach

A PEG tube permits patients to receive adequate nutrition and also prevents respiratory problems that construct when food or fluids accidentally gets right into the lungs. Gastrostomy tubes may be needed temporarily or permanently.

How to Prepare because that a PEG tube Placement

Do not eat or drink noþeles (including water) for 6 hours before the procedure. Your doctor will let you recognize if or when you should change or stop any kind of medications girlfriend take. Because you will certainly be sedated, friend will need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

What come Expect

A PEG tube is placed throughout an top endoscopy. A mouth guard will certainly be inserted to safeguard your teeth and gums. Your throat may also be numbed through a spray to calm the gag reflex. You will receive pain-relieving medication and also sedation through an IV heat to be safe you and also make you feel drowsy. Your medical professional will insert the endoscope with your mouth and also esophagus right into your stomach.

The physician will make a little incision in the abdomen and also place the PEG feeding pipe though this incision into the stomach. The feeding pipe is a small, flexible, hole tube, about the same width together a composing pen.

Approximately 6 to 12 customs of tubing will protrude from the scratch area. Within the stomach, the finish of the pipe is fitted with a balloon or flared pointer to store the pipe from migrating forward into the stomach.

The outside end of the feeding tube has actually a capped plug to stop stomach components from spilling out. That is opened up to permit food, medications, and water come be placed through the PEG feeding tube. The simplest technique of offering nutrition with the tube is through a committed formula administered through a large syringe. The materials of the syringe room injected with the plug lid on the end of the PEG feeding tube.

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PEG tube placement commonly takes 30-45 minutes. After ~ the procedure, you will certainly be taken to the restore room while the sedative put on off. You may experience momentary discomfort, such together cramping from gas or ab pain indigenous the incision, which have the right to be controlled with medications. Your medical professional will discuss any unexpected side results that may occur and a setup to attend to them. The stomach and also abdomen will certainly heal in 5 to 7 days.