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A flow restrictor is a convenient tool that is able come limit your water consumption. It’s set up in many of the faucets inside your household and also it regulates the water pressure as well as the usage of water.

Not only that the diminished water push helps to save a healthy environment, but also, it helps a homeowner with the water bill together well. However, if you experience from short water pressure, remove the flow restrictor is essential.

In the light, let’s see exactly how to remove a flow restrictor from her bathroom faucet. Stop begin.


Prepare because that the Job

Since we agreed that removing the flow restrictor have the right to increase your water pressure, that important an initial to obtain some tools in stimulate to execute so. Here’s the list of the devices you need:

A towelFlat-head screwdriverRubber-strap wrench

As you can see, you’ll have to do a little of digging into the faucet. But, it just takes a pair of minute to carry out the entirety process.

How come Remove circulation Restrictor from Bathroom Faucet

It’s quite necessary to know that all bathroom faucets space equipped v a circulation restrictor.

However, some models have their flow restrictor mounted inside an aerator. ~ above the various other hand, part models have actually a single flow restrictor it is separated indigenous the aerator.

In that case, we will describe how to eliminate it top top both models.


Single flow Restrictor

It’s quite an easy to execute it. You simply need to know just how to detach the from the inside of the faucet head.

Step 1 – examine the faucet

The first thing the you need to do is to examine your faucet and determine even if it is it’s the solitary flow restrictor or a flow restrictor in an aerator.

Once you carry out that, and if you recognize that the circulation restrictor is in a single installation, you can start to eliminate it.

Step 2 – twist it with an adjustable wrench

Removing the flow restrictor native a faucet is easy.

However, girlfriend will must use an adjustable wrench, and, that method that you should twist the faucet head. In case you carry out that without any protection, you are risking damaging the surface of the faucet head.

Since friend don’t desire that to happen, we highly recommend making use of a rubber band. Just affix a rubber tape to a flow restrictor and also then use pressure v an flexible wrench.

This way, the wrench won’t be able to damage the faucet head, and also you’ll have the ability to remove a circulation restrictor v ease.

Step 3 – wash the circulation restrictor

Once you eliminated the circulation restrictor, that time to examine it. It’s normal to view some sort of build-up on the circulation restrictor.

That’s mostly minerals that come from water which might create clogs if you overlook them.


Flow Restrictor in the Aerator

When it pertains to flow restrictor that’s situated inside the aerator, the whole process of removed it needs a bit more effort. Stop see.

Step 1 - Block the drain

Since you room going to work with little pieces that can fall into the sink, the quite essential to block the drainpipe first. This way, you will certainly ensure that whatever falls inside the sink continues to be there.

It’s encourage to use a piece of rubber come block the drain. However, it would certainly be finest if you have actually a drain stopper come block the drain.

In any type of case, the goal is to block the drain and not worry around something fall in the sink.

Step 2 -Unscrew the aerator

Once you prepared the sink, the time to begin working top top the faucet. The first thing you have to do is to find the aerator. It’s normally positioned top top the finish at the faucet. Now, you should unscrew it with your hands.

However, this process might be a little bit harder 보다 you suspected since aerator is probably stuck due to all the mineral deposits around it. In that case, friend will need to use an adjustable wrench in bespeak to remove the aerator.

Don’t forget to placed a piece of rubber top top the aerator first and then use an adjustable wrench. The way, you will certainly ensure that your aerator remains undamaged and without scratches. That being said, you should pull counter-clockwise in order to unscrew the aerator.

Step 3 -Inspect the aerator

After you gotten rid of the aerator native the faucet, it’s time to examine it. Every little thing you have to do is to turn the aerator over and see if friend can uncover the flow restrictor. Usually, the flow restrictor looks choose a flat-screen.

Once you uncover it, you should be able to remove that without any complications.

Step 4 -Remove the circulation restrictor

The best method to remove the flow restrictor is to use your fingers. However, some civilization simply can not stick their fingers into the aerator and, in that case, a flat-head screwdriver have the right to help. Simply take the flat-head screwdriver and push one next of the restrictor inside.

The other side will pop out and you will have the ability to use the driver to eliminate it without any kind of complications. Simply remember that you have to do this slowly and gently since you don’t desire to damage any type of parts the the aerator.

Step 5 -Screw ago the aerator

Once girlfriend did whatever as we explained, that time come screw the aerator ago onto the faucet and check the water pressure. Since you gotten rid of the flow restrictor indigenous the faucet, the water pressure need to be far better or at the very least a little noticeably higher.

Make sure not come tighten the aerator too much on the faucet because you don’t desire to damages it in any way.

Conclusion: Removing circulation Restricter from Bathroom Faucet

For world that experience from low water pressure, removed the flow restrictor can solve this problem. It’s certainly not that hard to remove it no issue the kind of faucet you have actually inside your bathroom.

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All in all, just follow the instructions and also you’ll have the ability to remove a flow restrictor without any kind of complications.