Bemis is among the largest and oldest name in restroom seats. Girlfriend may have actually been sit on among these because that years and never thought around it until you wanted a new seat. But, Bemis offers several methods to fasten your seats, so exactly how do you remove yours?

On any type of toilet, the manufacturers location 2 feet behind the bowl designed for fastening the seat. So, there have to be some type of seed holding it under on the bottom on one of two people side, shot to remove the nuts.

You may have to remove covers from the peak of the bolts and also use a screwdriver to remove them while holding the seed on the bottom.

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Frequently inquiry Questions 

Bemis Fastener Styles

How to remove a Bemis Toilet chair with standard Fasteners

Most toilet seats usage a steel bolt and nut v nylon washers. These grip onto holes in the hinge assembly and also the toilet to organize the chair in place. To eliminate the seat, follow this steps.

Locate the fasteners. They should be situated under covers located by the hinges of your toilet seat. Castle are additionally located in ~ the toilet’s side, corresponding to the locations on the height side.Determine what type of heads the fasteners room using: Phillips, flathead, or Hexagonal. This will tell you what tools you will have to use. Periodically the bottom fastener will be a wing nut you deserve to hold through hand.Hold the bottom nut in place. Determine the type. recognize what kind of heads the fasteners room using Phillips, flathead, Hexagonal. Law this will certainly tell friend what tools you will should use. Sometimes, the bottom fastener will certainly be a wing nut you can hold through hand.Hold the bottom seed in place. depending upon the style used, wing, or hexagonal, you might need to use a kind of wrench or your fingers.Remove the bolt. The top component of the fastener might require a screwdriver or wrench relying on its design. Everything you use, turn it counterclockwise come remove.Clean the rim. The rim of your toilet wherein the chair fasteners were situated is likely to be very dirty. A flat razor have the right to be great way to remove hardened buildup.Clean the rim. The rim of her toilet wherein the chair fasteners were located is likely to be really dirty. A flat razor deserve to be a good way to eliminate hardened develop up.

How to remove Bemis Sta-Tite toilet Seats

This range of Bemis toilet chair is fastened by a threaded stick screwed into the hinge directly. This gets rid of the need to host the peak still once removing the seed from the bottom.

This fastener style also uses a special variety of plastic seed on the bottom that partly fractures come help accomplish the ideal torque. It leaves behind an additional section that the hexagonal nut to eliminate it.

To eliminate this seat:

Expose the bolt head. Then, eliminate the caps native the bolts behind her seat.Grip the bottom nut. Use a socket or mix wrench to host the plastic seed on the bottom still.Remove the fastener. Then, use an additional socket or a combination wrench on top to unscrew the fastener while still holding the bottom.Pull the seat off.

Bemis straightforward Clean Toilet chair Removal

These seat come in lot of styles, but two common varieties stand out. The very first is removed by yanking forward and also sliding the restroom seat off the fasteners. The 2nd requires pressing down ~ above the ago of the toilet seat until it clicks and also pulling up and off the fasteners.

How to Instal l a instead of Bemis restroom Seat

Once you have removed your Bemis toilet Seat, girlfriend will have to install a new one. Fortunately, installation a brand-new Bemis Toilet chair is not very hard. The measures for installation follow.

Match the ends of the toilet chair hinges to the back of the toilet bowl.Place the toilet seat level on the top of the toilet bowl, making certain that the threads on the hinge bolts space exposed.Place a washer on every hinge bolt and tighten.

How To remove a toilet Seat when the Nuts room Rusted

It is not unusual for the nuts and bolts that host the toilet chair on to come to be rusted over time. However this situation makes the bolts complicated to remove.

If you have this difficulty with this, try spraying the nuts with WD40 and also letting castle sit for a while. Then, shot again to remove the nuts.

If this quiet doesn’t solve the problem, girlfriend could try the same procedure making use of vinegar. Vinegar can dissolve calcium buildup, one more cause the frozen fasteners.

If the bolts still stay stuck ~ trying the above procedures, you might need to cut off the bolts. To reduced the bolts off, usage a close-quarter hacksaw. In situation you have actually trouble, you might want come cover the area approximately the bolts to safeguard your toilet.

Frequently asked Questions 

How carry out You fix a Bemis sluggish Close restroom Seat?

A common reason to remove a Bemis Toilet chair is the the soft close feature stopped working. There room a number of issues that can reason a Bemis slow Close Toilet seat to avoid working. Typically, every you need to do to resolve your sluggish closing restroom is to clean it. 

To clean your slow-moving closing toilet seat, eliminate the hinges and also the toilet seat and also clean lock with warm soapy water. If they are difficult to clean, soak them for approximately 15 minutes and then clean them. After ~ you thoroughly clean the hinges and also toilet seat, the restroom lid should operate correctly.

However, if cleaning the toilet seat does no work, the problem may be led to by a broken hinge. If this is the case, you will have to replace the hinge. Order this hinges by contacting the manufacturer.

Adjusting a Bemis toilet Seat

Bemis toilet seats rarely come the end of alignment due to their plastic bushing inserts and also special torquing nuts. However, if the chair comes loose or simply needs some adjustment, that is possible.

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First, you need to loosen the seed on the bottom side of the toilet seat fasteners slightly. Now, it may be loosened enough you can make slight adjustments come the alignment the the seat. If it is not, follow the directions over to completely remove the seat.