When you are playing your favorite game it’s not unusual to conversation with other players. With the internet, you can play against and connect with world all end the world but one concern that world that choose to record and stream your gaming videos is gift able come record video game chat. This can make videos more entertaining or explanatory and your viewers will certainly understand how the chat correlates to the game and the actions you take.

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The Elgato catch card have the right to record video game chat and you don’t must be a tech whiz to use it. Simply in instance you need a little help check out on for instructions on just how to record game chat.

Before beginning to record your game chat you will certainly need:

Elgato record cardElgato gaming chat linkMicrophoneA headset

This method will work to record with the PS4, Xbox One. If you are using among the previously generations you might need to acquire a headset adaptor come record video game chat.

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How to record PS4 video game Chat

Watch this video clip on exactly how to document PS4 game chat:

Here room the steps:

action 1: Connet microphone and headset to the PS4 controller.


Step 2: Plug the RCA cable right into the Audio input from the ingredient adapter.


step 3: affix your additional Mic come the PC.

To set up the game record software you will need to:

Step 1: choose settings for the device, this looks like a hammer/wrench icon and is located to the best of the screen

Step 2: pick audio intake which friend can discover underneath the tab"Capture"


Step 3: select the audio intake and readjust it native audio to HDMI audio


Step 4: begin to document your video game chat.

How to document Xbox One game Chat

Before to start to record Xbox One video game chat you will certainly need:

The Microsoft stereotype Headset adapterA CTIA Y-Cable and also a stereo Y-CableA 3.5mm come 3.5mm stereotype audio cableA HeadsetA second Mic to catch your voice because that the recording through the Elgato Game capture HD.

Step 1: affix Headset and also Micphone to her wireless controller.


Step 2:Then, plug the other finish of the 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereotype audio cable into the Analog Audio In harbor on the Elgato Game record HD60.


Step 3: connect your additional Mic come the pc to start to record video game chat.

This will allow you to document the voices of every one of the human being playing and also gameplay audio. To document your voice friend will require to have a separate microphone that is associated to the recording computer/laptop.

How to record PC game Chat

Step 1: collection up your Elgato Gaming hardware through your console that choice.


Step 2: collection Skype up because that Elgato Sound Capture.

Step 3: Open Elgato Game catch HD software.

Step 4: Open Elgato Sound Capture.

Step 5: In Elgato Sound Capture, choose “Team Chat” from the top Nav Bar.

Step 6: Under settings, click the drop-down box, “What’s her microphone because that a chat?” and also select your desired audio input.

Step 7: Under settings, click the drop-down box, “Where perform you want to hear your friends’ voices?” and select your wanted audio output.

Step 8: Close Elgato Sound Capture.

Now, if girlfriend fire up your team conversation client, such together Skype, you should be able to hear that in your speaker or headset, as well as see the volume levels move in Elgato Game record HD software, indicating that music is gift fed into your record or stream.

Adjusting audio

To change the volume to the preferred level you have the right to use the volume dial. To use relocate it in a circular arc, take note of the white dots as the an ext you have the louder your voice.

Take note, you can immediately reduce her game"s sound by using the tools button in the comment section.

When you document your voice will automatically be in the gameplay together the video game audio.

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Live streaming enables you to record your voice together you beat so your viewers can hear and also see in real-time.

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