I"ve been hacking at this MTD Tecumseh Vector VLV-55 synergy effect for a if & a discovered the difficulty ... Many thanks to tons of reply"s from girlfriend guys. There"s clearly more 보다 one piece in there, from topside view. Unfortunately, flywheel removed seems prefer a touchy/feely operation. I"d quite not article the, "where have the right to you discover flywheels" post, for this reason here"s the question. Is there any method to remove the flywheel there is no a special tool (flywheel puller, i presume)? I"ve WD-40"d the column all job & am making use of a small pry bar, yet that thing won"t budge. Must I go thru the whole can the WD-40, then try again?

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while prying girlfriend will should hit the crank shaft with a fairly huge hammer to jar the flywheel loose, however you dont desire to damages the shaft while you space hitting it. Ns usually placed the nutt earlier on, however not screw it all the way down. Leaving a small space between the bottom of the nutt and top that the flywheel, fall a socket over the nutt make certain the socket bottoms the end on the nutt and also does not touch the flywheel one of two people . If prying struggle the socket with big hammer, it need to pop loose, never ever, never ever hit the flywheel straight with any kind of thing, you deserve to break it basic this means or cracked it and not know it, then while the engine is running the flywheel will simply same as explode and also send pieces of steel flying at that knows what speed. Expect this helps.


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Hello Quark!The flywheel can be removed by the method suggested by mastertek, BUT... You have a great risk of damaging the crankshaft. I"ve seen countless many tecumseh crankshafts with ruined threads ~ above the finish from hitting it for flywheel removal...with the nut on castle even. The nut just mashes the threads down. This is no a fun point to attend to and have the right to be expensive. The safest way would be to rent, borrow, purchase a flywheel removed tool. I can"t psychic if there are threaded holes for puller bolts top top this engine or not. If so, you can rent a harmonic balancer puller and bolts from autozone and safely use it to traction the flywheel. You will desire to subject the flywheel nut under on the crank until it is flush with the top finish of the crank to defend it. Penetrating oil won"t assist get that off, because it is usually pressed ~ above a tapered shaft. You require a puller.When you reinstall, make sure you tighten the flywheel nut to proper torque.