“How to toxicity the earth” by Linnea Saukko can be watched in two different aspects. The very first one would be by looking in ~ it in a literal way, in i m sorry it will make the a very harsh, inhumane and also cold text. On the other hand, it could be seen as a satire, sarcastic and ironic text in i m sorry Saukko expects to record the reader’s attention. Saukko exaggerates the sarcasm, and satire in her composing in order to do the readers realize and also understand the main purpose of her essay, which is to warn readers around threats come the future of our planet.Scientific terms room used typically through the end the text, but are followed by explanations in a systematic way, therefore it provides it fingerprint and more understandable come the reader. Because that example, she is writing about substances and also their characteristics, one of them is an inexplicable term called “half-life”, complied with by one explanation in a parenthesis through a fingerprint explanation of the term. That way, it can be understood by the basic public. The writing is directly forward and also it’s absent of metaphors and also similes. That is much more an informative reading rather than descriptive, as such it is lacking details and also adjectives.Saukko start by discussing sarcastically how complicated polluting the planet can be. Afterwards, she start listing reliable methods ~ above contaminating the world, such as “generating as lot waste as possible from substances” (Saukko, 246), or building much more nuclear plants. At the beginning, it could be shocking to the leader the approach she is taking to make her point. In other words, the readers might not recognize why she has such a an adverse attitude and hatred against the world. The manipulation, exaggeration, and the wor...... Middle of document ......d because that the basic public in order come raise social awareness in staying clear of polluting the world. That is vital to raise social awareness on topics of this nature due to the fact that it is affecting our world. It is important to consider it as every individual problem and concern fairly than watch it as an exterior issue. Saukko made decision a whole new approach and method to obtain into people’s mind. Usually, authors that want to allude out and raise social awareness on concerns of this nature, often tend to it is in direct and straightforward about it.

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However, Saukko has taken it to the following level by draw close the reader in a unique way that will certainly catch more of your attention and hopefully move their emotions top top the topic.Works CitedSaukko , Linnea.“How to toxicity the Earth.”The short Bedford Reader. Bedford/St.Martin’s Boston: nine edition ,2006.246-247.