There are countless reasons why you would desire to mute Snapchat story from your friends. While some times it"s just annoying, various other times you"re trying to break far from someone. In addition, you can mute stories from Snapchat temporarily or permanent reasons together per her situation. For this reason let"s dive in to see some much more details top top the subject and how you can perform the operation.

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Here"s exactly how to Mute her Friend"s Snapchat story Without lock Knowing

So what happens when you mute someone"s Snap stories? Well, friend won"t have the ability to see your profile in ~ the optimal of your story feed once a brand-new story is added. In addition, mute Snapchat stories won"t appear as "up next" as soon as you"re watching the latest from your friends.

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The advantage is the your friend will never ever know about your action. In addition, girlfriend don"t have to remove a friend, the or she will be best there in her list that friends and also everything will work as normal. You can still send and receive snaps and messages choose before. Occasionally, if you want to check out the story of your muted friend, you can simply role to the bottom of the story feed. Furthermore, girlfriend can always unmute them if you readjust your mind.

If you"re unfamiliar with the method to mute Snapchat stories, merely follow the step by action instructions listed below.

1. Discover the friend or group that you want to mute. Friend can find it by searching because that them or in the conversation tab.


2. Insanity the friend or group and it will open up their profile.

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3. Now, insanity the 3 vertical dots top top the optimal right corner.

4. From the list of options, tap top top Mute Story toggle to mute Snapchat stories.


5. Check by tapping Mute and the excellent if you"re muting Snapchat stories for the an initial time.

That"s all there is come it. Over there isn"t much hassle involved and also you will certainly never have to see their stories again unless you adjust your mind. If you want to unmute them, follow step 1 to action 4 and also the Mute Story switch will turn white stating that it is now off.

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That"s all you have to do in order come mute Snapchat story from her friends. We will certainly share more guides ~ above Android, therefore be sure to store a lookout. What room your think on the mute feature? let us recognize in the comments.