To include a new category to your channel simply right-click on her server symbol or fight the chevron to the right of the server name! type in the name and once developed you can drag and drop it wherever you choose in the channel list!
In this regard, how plenty of categories deserve to a discord server have?

A server can have at many 500 networks - text, voice, and categories combined. Once 500 networks are reached, no an ext channels can it is in created. A server deserve to have at most 250 roles.

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Subsequently, question is, what is discord GG? is the attend to used because that invite links to discord servers.

In this regard, exactly how do you find for networks on discord?

use the begin searching, click on the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the app. You likewise can usage hotkey your method to search success in ~ the currently-viewed channel by pressing ctrl+F (Win) or cmd + because that Mac. Opened the search bar will carry up a window with part search filter suggestions.

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Can friend move channels on discord mobile?

Server setups → Channels, insanity top-right switch (Sort Mode), choose Text or Voice Channel, hold/long push a channel, drag and drop.

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How execute I do a welcome channel discord?

It"s a pretty an easy process: action 1: open up Server Settings: As long as you have a duty with the control Server permission enabled, you"ll have access to the welcome messages function: step Two: outline page: action Three: select Text Channel.

How do I hide discord networks from specific roles?

Go to Channel setups (cog once you float over a text channel) climate Permissions. Refuse "Read Message" permissions to roles/users you desire to hide the channel from. Users through "Administrator" permission and also Server owners will be able to see all networks no issue what permissions space set.

What go the typical in discord permissions?

Permissions in Discord room a means to limit and grant details abilities come users. A set of base permissions deserve to be configured in ~ the guild level for various roles. When these roles are attached to users, they give or revoke certain privileges within the guild.

What space categories in discord?

Channel Categories room live and ready to help organize! even if it is you"re beginning a brand brand-new server or implementing them into an existing one, you can carry order to your networks as "sub-channels" housed neatly under categories as you refine your server"s layout. Just like channels have actually permissions, so execute categories.

What space discord groups?

Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital circulation platform designed for video gaming communities, the specializes in text, image, video and audio communication in between users in a conversation channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and also in net browsers.

How execute you immediately assign a role in discord?

girlfriend can immediately assign new members a role. Set a function to it is in assigned to brand-new members by keying the command to open up the Autorole Customization Menu. Select the allow Autoroles choice by typing in the equivalent option number, climate input the role you desire to use from the list of functions shown.

How carry out you obtain discord function dividers?

just how to create function Categories in Discord start by producing a new role and then deleting that name. Now, copy the Invisible Separator (u+2063) native this website. Currently copy the EN room character (u+2002) indigenous this link and also paste it right into the role name field after the invisible separator:

How do I control a discord server?

To regulate roles, open up the server settings and click the “Roles” classification on the left. You have the right to add new roles by clicking the tiny plus button to the side of the “Roles” location on the page. Select a duty to control the permissions.

How carry out you move people in discord?

Obtain the "move members" permission for your role. Tap on a voice channel with other members in it. Tap top top the 3 dots next to one user"s name.
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