Every an equipment has that is pros and also cons. Sometimes, if the specs are impressive, that the price it is the con. When it concerns the On5, the price is much more than reasonable, yet specs can be a blended bag.

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On the shining side, the On5 is sturdy and also small, provides decent battery life in ~ 2600 mAh, and also has a removable battery. Unfortunately, the On5’s downsidesinclude just 8 GB of storage (although expandable), a subpar camera, and also mixed reviews about performance and also the display.

Still, if you can overcome few of the defect on this budget phone with few of our tips, tricks, and also hacks, you deserve to have your cake and eat the too. Because, let’s confront it, what good is cake if you can not eat it? And every one of the features that do the Samsung Galaxy On5 special room the sprinkles on top.

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1. Use double Sims

You can use 2 center or USIM cards to have two phone numbers or service providers top top a solitary device. Prior to you insert any type of SIM card(s), make sure to power off her Samsung first. Then remove the earlier panel and also battery. And like all Samsung phones with twin SIMs, girlfriend can access a center card management menu with Settings.


7. Take regulate of her Device

Do you like the idea of smart Manager yet want even an ext control? There room apps because that that, especially if you space willing come root your On5. Examine out these apps that regulate your CPU, battery, interior storage, and also more. Tinycore keeps tabs on your CPU and also RAM, Greenify—your battery, mSpy if you want to track your child’s activity, and Clean understand to clean and boost your RAM.

Download: Tinycore – CPU, lamb monitor

Download: Greenify

Download: mSpy

Download: Clean Master

8. Delete and Disable Apps

With space at a premium ~ above this phone, and also even simply the default apps and also operating system already taking up fifty percent of your storage ideal out the the box, some app management advice is bound to be useful. Unfortunately, finish control over your apps deserve to only be achieved with root. If bloatware apps can’t be uninstalled without source level authority, you deserve to disable them by walking to setups > Applications > application Manager > application of your picking > Disable. Uninstall any kind of third-party app by walk to settings > Applications > applications Manager > desired app to uninstall > Uninstall.

This trick because that the Samsung Galaxy On5 could turn into an even much more effective hack if you follow the following tip below. Climate you can even remove default apps.

9. Root your On5

As we’ve mentioned, your best bet in ~ truly developing full control over your maker is to root it, yet it no without risk, together with much more power comes more responsibility. If you room up for it, friend will must make certain you are ready with the appropriate USB vehicle drivers (You room going to require to connect your phone call to her computer.), your particular model’s root records (not typically hard to uncover with a search), Samsung Odin software, and a practice recovery such as TWRP. Copy the root file (such together SuperSU) to the inner storage from her computer. You will certainly then have the ability to use Recovery mode to install the root record from inner storage, and also reboot her On5.

10. Download Themes

Themes can transform her UI into your that of your very own style. So, ouch, you could feel a tiny slighted by Samsung as soon as you realize that the built-in Theme Store easily accessible on the On7 no exist ~ above the On5. Yet don’t, because you have the right to still install themes on her own; girlfriend don’t require Samsung’s help. Girlfriend will desire a template compatible with your maker (although you can adjust your On5 to look prefer a different device), but you can find plenty ~ above Google pat or XDA. The procedure for part XDA themes is a little more involved, whereas those top top Google beat usually just require an install and the tap of a button or two.

11. Customize Font

Sure, part apps enable you to change the message within, however the On5 allows you to change the key default message itself. Navigate to Settings > display > Font. Below you can adjust not only the size of the default text, however the layout also. Your On5 will present you a preview in ~ the top.

12. Private mode & covert Apps

More now than ever, we all have reason to be concerned about our privacy. That’s wherein Private mode comes in. It helps you keep certain images, files, and other media private. Come enable, walk to your application drawer, then Settings > private Mode.

Additionally, you deserve to hide apps friend don’t want others to check out by payment a visit come your application tray. Native there, tap ~ above Edit, and also apps that can be covert will display a minus authorize in the peak right corner. Tap ~ above Turn Off to hide.

That’s a Wrap!

How’s the for a budget phone? Sure, storage space could be better, however we’ve questioned some workarounds. You will definitely have the ability to get much more from her phone after adhering to our advice ~ above rooting and customization. And when yes sir a brand-new story everyday around another data breach, keeping your details private is more important 보다 ever.

Was this helpful? execute you have actually others to include to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section. We hope you room enjoying the ideal of both worlds: budget-friendly and also plentiful features.

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