Snapchat is straightforward and funny to use photo and video sharing application. V its unique editing options and a wide range of effects, users have the right to have as numerous quality videos and also photos together they want.

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Many Snapchat users don"t have actually an idea that they can now record much longer videos top top Snapchat v the help of a new feature the recently came to be a component of Snapchat.

So, what is this brand-new Snapchat feature? how to use it for longer video recording? Which editing software can make your videos much more stunning? learn all these interesting things in this mini Snapchat video guide.

How Long have the right to A Snapchat video clip Be?

Snapchat videos supplied to have a 10 secs time limit, yet it"s not the situation anymore.

The application solved that mystery by introducing the "Multi-Snap" feature, which allows you enjoy longer videos that room up come 1 minute long. When you have actually recorded a 60-minute lengthy video, Snapchat will immediately split your video clip into number of segments v a 60-second time frame. You have the right to upload this sequential breaks on her Snapchat story or also share them through your friends.

How To do Snapchat Videos up to 60 Seconds?

Now we recognize that it"s feasible to do a longer video clip with Snapchat, however the real question is tho to be answered. How to do Snapchat videos longer than 60 seconds? carry out you need to turn ~ above some details settings in the app?

The reality is, friend don"t must turn on any an accurate setting to document a longer video. You can quickly record a video clip that is longer than 10-seconds by simply pressing the camera button.

To record a longer Snapchat video, just go with the complying with procedure:


1. Install and also Open

Install the Snapchat app on your smartphone. Open Snapchat to begin recording your video.

2. Record A Video

Now, to record a video, press and hold the camera button in the facility of the app.

3. Keep On Recording

To record a longer video clip of up to 60-seconds, keep on pushing the camera switch even after 10 seconds. The application will automatically record snap one after ~ the other. All the recorded snaps will show up at the bottom that the screen.

4. Choose and also Delete

You can keep the snaps you desire and, using the traction option, delete the breaks you want to remove.

5. Share

Now you deserve to either send your video clip to a certain contact on your list or share the on her Snapchat story.

How come Make much longer 60-Second Videos ~ above Android and iOS?

Do you want to know how to take much longer Snapchat videos on Android and iOS? The process of record videos top top Android and also iOS is yes, really straightforward. Every you need is the Snapchat app downloaded on your smartphone and also then go with the complying with steps because that a smooth video clip recording ~ above Snapchat.

Open Snapchat

Open the Snapchat application on your Android or iOS device.

Hold The Camera Shutter

You will check out a white circle at the bottom of the app. This is the camera shutter. Press and also hold the camera shutter to record your video.


Let The Shutter finish full Circle.

Your camera shutter will revolve red after record a video. Each round that a camera shutter method you have actually recorded a 10-second video. The record will avoid as soon as you release the button.

Record Videos For as much as 60-Seconds

You deserve to record as plenty of videos together you like for approximately 60-seconds through continuously pushing the camera shutter. Through making finish 6 rounds of the red circle, you have the right to record a longer video clip of 1 minute.

Save The Video

By clicking on the "Save" icon in the bottom left corner, you can save the videos to her "Memories."

Share the The method You Like

You can also share the videos by tapping top top the "Send To" option. This lets you share your videos either v your friend or upload them to her Snapchat story.

Hot faqs About video clip For Snapchat


Q1: have the right to you send a saved video clip as a direct snap on Snapchat?

To send a saved video clip as a direct snap ~ above Snapchat, you an initial need to go through the complying with steps:

Open SnapchatSwipe up to open up your Snapchat "Memories."

Go to the "Camera Roll" alternative in your Memories.

Select the video that you want to share together a snap.

From the setups menu, choose "Edit."

Then tap on the "Send button" come share the video as a snap.

Q2: have the right to you send fake videos on Snapchat?

Snap chat does permit you come share and upload previously recorded videos together your Snap Story, yet when you execute this, the text "from Camera Roll" will appear over the story when it"s posted online. This makes it apparent that the video was not tape-recorded in real-time.

Q3: have the right to you record video on Snapchat there is no holding a button?

Yes, you have the right to record a video on Snapchat there is no holding a button. To execute so, hold the camera shutter and also drag it come the left side of your screen. Girlfriend will notice a tiny lock sign. Dragging the camera switch to the left will permit automatic video clip recording there is no the need for holding any button.

Q4: how do friend hide lengthy videos on Snapchat?

By setup a passcode in Snapchat settings, you can hide videos and also photos. Through swiping increase the camera screen, walk to the "Memories" section. Now, pick the breaks that you intend to move to the "My eyes Only" section. From the food selection below, pick the "Hide Snap (My eyes Only) option. Then choose "Move" in the popup menu. This is one easy method to keep your videos exclusive on Snapchat.

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Best video clip Editor for

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Equipped with all the simple and easy-to-use progressed tools, the software is one amazing choice for both beginners and professionals. The amazing function of this software program is its Fast video Editing setting that permits you to edit videos with just a basic click.