Creating 3D message Without Blender

Hey y’all. It’s Macaw. This tutorial will certainly cover each action in developing 3D text without the usage of Blender.

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Programs needed:


Part One: opening and setup Up repaint 3D

Go come the find bar in the bottom left corner of your computer, form in “Paint 3D,” and also click on the paint 3D applications that pops up.




Part Two: Making and Customizing the 3D Text

Select “Text” in ~ the optimal of your screen. This will permit us come actually put in the words we want.


From there, you deserve to do a multitude of things to customize her text. Watch the photo below.

1- extend the message box to the left and also right.2- prolong the message box up and down.3- write your text. Alternatively, just copy-paste in her text4- revolve your text.

Customization continued.

Remember to highlight the message you desire to edit.

5- Zoom in and out, utilizing a bar6- Zoom in and out, utilizing input7- change the font. (Preinstalled fonts cover Latin script only)8- readjust the color. The resulting mesh will certainly not it is in colored, though, so there’s no usage in utilizing it.9- adjust the font size.10- Bold, Italicize, and also Underline respectively. (Latin script only)11- Left aligned, center aligned, and also Right align respectively.12- Navigate the workspace. Usage the bottom bar to relocate left and also right and the side bar to move up and also down.

image1600×829 128 KB

Once you satisfied v your text, click the end of the box.

Part Three: Exporting the File

This is whereby the 3D aspect comes in, and trust me, the cool.First click “3D View” at the optimal of the screen. This will let you check out what your text will look at like.

image1600×827 84.9 KB

Isn’t this cool? Click and hold the right mouse switch to move your camera prefer you would certainly in Studio. Use the scroll wheel top top your mouse to zoom in and also out.

image1600×831 40.1 KB

Now pick Menu in the peak right hand corner.

image1600×831 42.4 KB

Select “Save as” and also then pick “3D model.”

image1600×857 574 KB

A conserve As pop-up will certainly appear. Name her file, and also then save as a FBX file. Click the drop-down to pick the record type. As soon as done, press “Save.”

Part Four: acquiring the Text into the Studio

Now, departure Paint 3D. If the asks girlfriend to conserve your Work, choose “Don’t Save” together you’ve already saved her work.

image783×472 19.5 KB

Start Studio and open the ar in which you’d choose your 3D text to exist in. Open the Explorer and Properties in the “View” tab.

image1600×860 666 KB

Insert a MeshPart. Just right-click the Workspace, click Insert Object, and then one of two people scroll until you discover Mesh part or usage the search bar to discover the object.

image333×684 16.7 KB

Click top top MeshPart come insert it.

image323×683 14.6 KB

Now, notice “MeshId.” in “Properties.” pick the little folder symbol to the best of MeshId.

image1600×827 623 KB

Select your 3D text’s FBX file. Then press open up in the bottom best corner.

image782×611 24.8 KB

If this pop-up appears, either an option will work. Friend can constantly move her mesh somewhere else after the been loaded in.


Part Five: Finishing Touches

If your mesh too small, prefer mine is, use the range tool. This permits you to make your mesh larger in any dimension. Remember come use transition while using the resize tool if you want to store proportions.

image1600×810 628 KB

Much better.

image1600×859 629 KB

From right here on out, your 3D message acts as any kind of other mesh.

Make that thicker or thinner through the resize tool.

image1600×860 696 KB

Like any type of other mesh, the possibilities space endless.

1- adjust the text’s color.2- readjust the material.3- readjust the refelectance.4- readjust the transparency.

image1600×827 729 KB

Finished Product:

image1600×746 733 KB



Fast and also quick.Works with most scripts in many languages.Lots of customization alternatives like font size, practice font type, message alignment, etc.


No preinstalled fonts accessible for non-Latin scripts.Bold, Italic, and Underline not accessible for non-Latin scripts.Can’t modify mesh after it’s conserved as a file.

Q & A

Q: Why can’t I use
XAXA’s ThreeDText 2 Plugin?A: if the plugin is very quick and also efficient, the only has 12 fonts to pick from. The plugin additionally only support a limited number of characters; Languages through non-Latin script such together Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and also Arabic aren’t supported.

But, the plugin does make it significantly easier to edit words, though, and also is very fast. It’s amazing. So, by every means, if you’re trying to produce 3D message for a Latin-based script, and also if you don’t mind a restricted number of fonts, walk ahead and also install the plugin. I’d very recommend it.

Q: Why can’t I use Blender?A: girlfriend can, yet I won’t be covering how. Think of this as a faster and easier alternate to utilizing Blender.

Q: Why FBX?A: Studio will only open FBX and also OBJ files. Additionally, most world just tell friend to.

Q: Why windows only?A: since Paint 3D is only easily accessible on a home windows computer.

Q: What walk 拉麺 mean?A: Ramen.

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Thanks for analysis this every the means through. Hope this helped you.TL;DR: read the tutorial. It’s not that difficult.