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If you thought the slime craze of 2016 had actually passed, it’s tho alive and well in the elementary institution scene. It has been three whole years because I wrote about making slime without borax with my 5-year-old daughter, but she’s every bit as into it currently as she was then. Every batch that slime is much more elaborate 보다 the next — yes glitter slime, slime through beads, and even edible slime, and she’s gotten her preschool brother right into her hobby, too. This is just how we found the fun of this three-ingredient slime without glue or borax.

This slime is very comparable to the oobleck that plenty of of united state probably flourished up with. Made from shampoo, cornstarch, and water, this slime is thinner and also a little an ext brittle than glue-based slime, but due to the fact that there’s no adhesive it’s less complicated to clean up, and you can even take it come the bath tub where is dissolves into bubbly fun. Here’s exactly how to make three-ingredient slime without glue.

Good question! consider slime an example of among the countless non-cooking tasks that happen in the kitchen. Make slime, like making pasta, is one of the methods I play with my youngsters in the kitchen. It permits us to practice math and measuring and talk about science. Climate they have slime come play v quietly and also independently, i m sorry is, of course, the real reason to make slime in the first place.

Slime made v glue is more than likely the many common selection because it’s easy and reliable. Yet it’s additionally incredibly sticky, and almost impossible to get off as soon as it dries. It deserve to literally damage your bath towels if your kids shot to to wash their slime and also then dry it (please don’t ask me exactly how I know, ns still not over it).

The other an excellent thing about this glue-less slime is the you deserve to probably do it right currently without running out for brand-new ingredients. We rarely have actually a totality bottle of glue on hand. However a half-cup of shampoo? We’ve constantly got that.

1. The thicker her shampoo, the thicker your slime. Now is a really an excellent time to use a cheap shampoo — maybe something you ordered for travel and also haven’t touched since. Three-in-one shampoos (body wash, conditioner, shampoo all-in-one) work-related really well for making slime.

2. Color the shampoo before including the cornstarch. Want pink or purple slime however don’t have actually pink or purple shampoo? A couple of drops the food coloring included to the shampoo will carry out the trick and also make coloring much easier than if you added it in ~ the end.

3. Add just enough water. This recipe offers a range for the lot of water, due to the fact that shampoo itself varies in water content. After including the cornstarch come the shampoo, the mixture will certainly be really crumbly, and also you desire to include the water simply a tablespoon in ~ a time till the slime is soft and stretchy but not liquid. Err on the next of much less water.


Even though you don’t have to worry about this slime sticking, we still save slime ~ above a oil-cloth tablecloth or slim plastic cutting plank — the cornstarch deserve to leave some residue, which have the right to be wiped away yet isn’t great for wood. We have a designated bin of small figures, cookie cutters, and more just for getting an imaginative with the slime.

This slime keeps fine for around a week at room temperature. Once the slime beginning to separate or dry out, you know it’s time to do a brand-new batch. And if you’re emotion really adventurous, you can play v this slime in a warm bath wherein it will certainly dissolve right into colorful, sudsy fun.

Calories 305Fat 0.0 g (0.1%)Saturated 0.0 g (0.0%)Carbs 73.0 g (24.3%)Fiber 0.7 g (2.9%)Sugars Protein 0.2 g (0.4%)Sodium 7.9 mg (0.3%)

1/2 cup thick gel shampoo, such together Suave or Johnson's 3-in-1 Kids

2 come 3 autumn

food coloring (optional)

2 1/2 cup


1/4 come 1/3 cup

cool water

Mix the shampoo through food colour if using. Pour 1/2 cup shampoo into a medium bowl. Include 2 to 3 drops food coloring and stir come combine.

Add the cornstarch and mix into a crumbly paste. add 2 1/2 cups cornstarch and also stir to combine. The mixture have to be a thick, crumbly paste however homogenous.

Slowly mix in the water. Mix in water 2 tablespoons in ~ a time till the mixture changes from crumbly come smooth, and finally slimy. You may not need all of the water.

Knead the slime until smooth and stretchy. as soon as the mixture is fluid sufficient to handle, usage your hands to knead and stretch the slime until smooth.

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