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I want to make a wooden Gandalf pipe because that my dad, and also for a costume for halloween. After plenty of hours of research study i concluded the the best method to execute it (if friend dont have actually the proper wood) is either to make the guts out of metal or purchase the bowl. The IS not A daunting PROJECT pipeline #1 all HAND do I had THEM all IN my HOUSE but THEY room PRETTY easy TO find (Academy) MATERIALS: 1. Any type of kind of lumber 2. CO2 gas tank (make certain its raw steel, 12 or 16g counts on the preferred bowl size) 3. Sculpty (oven bake clay) 4. Aluminium arrow or metal tube 5. Glue 6. Dremel 7. Experienced 8. Drill 9. Paint PIPE #2 currently OWNED/ BOUGHT bowl (EASIER) SKIP TO step 6 1. Aluminium arrow 2. Sculpty 3. Clay 4. Pipe Bowl


DRILL the end A HOLE through A 3/4 INCH timber DRILL BIT and ENLARGE THE HOLE through THE DREMEL OR rotating TOOLTILL THE CO2 TANK FITS INSIDE. MAKE an additional HOLE so THE pipe (ARROW) goes IN making THE STEM. TIP: mark THE DRILL for this reason YOU carry out NOT BREACH THE BOTTOM of THE BOWL


CUT THE TANK to THE preferred BOWL size USING A cutting WHEEL OR A SAW. DRILL A hole SO the IT present UP with THE PREVIOUSLY reduced AIR feet (SCRAPE way OR BURN far THE ZINC COATING INSIDE and OUTSIDE that THE TANK). MAKE certain IT IS large ENOUGH FOR her TUBE (ARROW)/ STEM.

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PASTE THE two BOWLS together USING glue ( I used LIQUID NAILS) MAKING exceptionally SURE TO enhance THE 2 HOLES PERFECTLY.


STEP #5 pipe #1/ step #1 pipe #2 cut THE pipe TO THE wanted LENGHT and PUT IT end A fire TO BEND, carry out NOT bending TOO lot OR to FAST because THE TUBE will certainly BREAK. (I determined AN arrowhead BECAUSE it IS ALUMINIUM and also IT IS less POISONOUS then COPPER OR LEAD)

STEP #6 pipeline #1/ step #2 pipe #2 THIS IS where IT it s okay A small TRICKY, making use of THE SCULPTY MAKE certain THAT THE TUBE and also THE holes IN THE bowl ARE completely SEALED. Likewise COAT THE TUBE through SCULPTY and MAKE THE ALTERATIONS YOU DESIRE. When HAPPY with THE SCULPTING chef THE CLAY for THE forced TIME (CHECK THE BOX) MAK sure IT IS HARD and IF no STICK that IN THERE for 5 an ext MINUTES.

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STEP #7 pipe #1/ step #3 pipeline #2 repaint THE PIPES however YOU LIKE yet AVOID THE MOUTHPIECE and also INSERTION HOLE v PLASTIC IF using TOXIC PAINT. Do THE final TOUCHES and also VOILA YOU are DONE v YOUR PIPE.

HOPE YOU favored THE PIPE, now GO enjoy YOUR new CREATION, and also SEND ME SOME photos TO SEE just how YOURS turn OUT!

I would have gone v no steel for the bowl. Straight wood would certainly be just fine. Particularly if the timber was finished. Really many task though. I applaud your manliness! 2 thumbs up for 2 really well do pipes. I am now going to construct one, or two. To smoke upon my dankest that herbs! Huzzah!