I know some people could just could go come the rwandachamber.org aid Center because that this, however I think mine tutorial is more funner, so pthphth.

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So, friend wanna do a tagged page for her sidebar, huh?

LEARN TO carry out IT you yourself THE tough WAY, choose I had actually TO!!

Just kidding. I’ll aid you.

It is important to keep in mind that no all themes assistance this technique of including pages. If you acquired your theme in the rwandachamber.org design template Garden, you more than likely will not have a problem when doing this tutorial. If you uncovered your theme outside of rwandachamber.org (like me), you can not be able to complete this. However let’s just assume you have actually a template garden theme, ok?

Step 1: Don’t Panic.

Step 2: walk to the blog you want to include the tag web page to, and also click “customize theme”


Step 3: Kewl. So now you have to see this small fudger:


It it s okay a tiny tricky at this point, therefore I’ll try my finest to break it up/down/whatever you youngsters say this days. This tiny window will certainly pop approximately make a brand-new page:


Step 5 (because action 4 was acquiring too long): for this step, ns am just using an example for my blog. I want a web page for mine “audio” tag. Ns filled in the first box with the page URL of mine choosing. You deserve to use anything, due to the fact that in the finish it doesn’t really issue (for redirect pages, anyway)

Next is to add the actual tag page! In the following box, form your full URL (http://exampleurl.rwandachamber.org.com), followed by a forward cut (/), and also then the word “tagged” with another forward slash after the (http://exampleurl.rwandachamber.org.com/tagged/). Now this step is EXTREMELY important. ~ this front slash, kind the sign NAME. Examples- “me”, “art”, “mine”, “gpoy”, etc. If your tag has actually multiple indigenous separated through spaces, you have to use dashes in between the words. Examples- “the-hunger-games”, “all-time-low”, etc.

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If, however, this come up once you click the box, this come up:


Refresh her blog and also it must look a little something favor this (using the rwandachamber.org staff blog as an instance ok):


You have to still have actually the “Add a Page” box open. Uncheck package that states “Show a attach to this page,” then click “Create Page.”

Scroll ago up come the financial institution of points that I showed up there. In the “Link1” box, put only THE stuff AFTER THE front SLASH! because that example- /tagged/me, /about, /the-best

Then in the “Link1 Title” box directly underneath, form the location you desire to present up on your blog. Click “Save” at the top, and voila!

Thank you so much if you made it through this whole post. If girlfriend have any questions, comments, critiques, whatever, feel complimentary to drop an ask, and I will be happy to answer your question.

You’ve watched my blog, you seen my crib, currently it’s time because that you to obtain out. *slams door*