Occasionally, I"ll hear a track on the radio wherein the audio progressively transitions native muffled ("other room" technique) come clear. This normally occurs in the intro the the song.

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I guess one instance I have actually is "Wish You were Here" through Pink Floyd. The intro attributes a muffled stringed guitar, and also then a clear one come in after. However what I"m in search of is one intro that smoothly goes native muffled come clear.

An even better example is "Say So" by Doja Cat. This result happens throughout the 8-second intro, and also again in ~ 3:45.

How perform I create this effect? say thanks to you in advance.

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+1 come automating a EQ or filter top top the understand buss. One more song that does this is The method by Fastball. The intro has this lo fi and then even the first verse is a bit off. Track kicks in on second verse, an extremely cool and also impossible for me to execute it live!!


just adding....automating prefader send come eq or whatever works fine to execute "other room" effect. This means volume deserve to be handled separately if to execute "walking into other room" effect. Complete control.....

Thank you because that the responses.

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I"ve figured out how to produce the effect via Sonitus EQ, but only together a regular effect that sustains throughout the melody. How do i automate the so the the effect begins and slowly fades away/fades right into clarity as soon as the melody progresses?

Automate the cutoff frequency for the filter(s) in the EQ. That"s a little tricky if you"re using the Sonitus "Telephone" preset, as it uses three filters, IIRC. However do-able.

When I do that specific effect, three automations room involved:

1. Cutoff frequency top top a high-pass filter is automatic (start high, automate to gradually lower)

2. Volume is automated (quieter at start, climate louder together the full-frequency selection comes in)

3. Reverb send is automated (more reverb transitioning to less reverb)

If ns want component of a track, like the intro, to be very different from the remainder of the track, an initial I duplicate the track. Climate on the copied track ns delete all but the component I desire to save different. On the original track, i placed a volume envelope come drop that a bit or fully keep it silent depending on what ns am walk for. Then ns do every little thing I want to the replicated track, placed a volume envelope to have it begin how ns want, and also then down to fade it into the original track sound (the down component can be coordinated through the increasing of the volume the the original track wherein they meet so lock blend fine together). I favor doing the this way, its straightforward and I have the right to do what I want to the duplicate and also know the original is as it was, with only having its volume lower or absent where I want the duplicate to dominate.