From Manipulator Chips to a Roy VR Helmet, we present you exactly how to craft every single Pocket Mortys recipe!

As a suitable mad scientist, your Rick in Pocket Mortys will invest plenty of time tinkering top top gadgets and substances from a battery include a multiverse of slaves to constant old heal serum.

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A comfortable crafting station is located directly outside the council Of Ricks, and they are additionally sometimes discovered randomly in alternating dimensions once seeking out brand-new boss Ricks to knife Badges. Few of the objects you can craft at each station room absolutely vital to proceeding the game (like brand-new Manipulator Chips), while rather will permit you to finish side quests for nifty rewards.

In this guide, we"ll sheathe how to craft all 34 present Pocket Mortys recipes if girlfriend don"t desire to find them top top your very own through trial and also error. Expect much more crafting recipes and also quests come be included soon together weekly update begin getting here with Rick and Morty season 3!

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All bag Mortys Recipes

Recipe 1:Morty Manipulator Chip

Combine the Supercharged Battery, Circuit Board, and Tin Can.

You have the right to buy this a quick ways right into the game after gaining your fourth badge, but $500 schmeckles is a hefty chunk of change, so handmade your very own when possible instead.

The greatest obstacle come crafting a Manipulator Chip is the super load battery, which you deserve to craft with recipe 16 (or more rarely uncover in the wild). If friend feel prefer spending some real civilization money, friend can likewise win Manipulator Chips by utilizing tickets at the Blips and also Chitz machine.


Recipe 2:Serum (Heals 20 HP)

Combine a Battery with a Fleeb to do this simple healing article for her Mortys.


Recipe 3:Great Serum (Heals 50 HP)

Combine a Battery through a Purified Fleeb (see recipe 18 below) because that this upgraded healing potion the restores 50 HP.


Recipe 4:Sensational Serum (Heals 200 HP)

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see cooking recipes 16 below) v Serum to cure a chuck 200 HP in ~ a time on any type of one Morty.


Recipe 5: Pure Serum (Heals every health)

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see recipe 16 below) with Great Serum (see cooking recipes 3 above) because that the finest healing article of all.


Recipe 6:Halzinger (Restores a Dazed Morty to half Health)

Combine a Battery, a Fleeb, and a Bacteria Cell because that the straightforward Morty resurrection item.


Recipe 7:Pure Halzinger (Restores a Dazed Morty to complete Health)

Combine a Battery, a Purified Fleeb (see recipe 18), and also a Mutant Bacteria Cell for the upgraded Morty resurrection item.


Recipe 8:Poison Cure

Combine a Tin Canwith a Bacteria Celland a Dark power Ball (see recipe 20 below) come cure one Morty the the toxicity effect.

This article didn"t exist in the earlier version of the game and was included with one update, i beg your pardon re-organized the items number list.


Recipe 9:Paralyze Cure

Combine a Tin Canwith a Turbulent Juice Tubeand a Dark power Ball (see cooking recipes 20 below) come cure one Morty that the paralyze effect.

Like with the toxicity Cure, this items was included in one update and wasn"t easily accessible during the game"s early stages.


Recipe 10:Pure Curum (Heals all HP and also Ailments)

Combine a Purified Fleeb (see cooking recipes 18)with a Mutant Bacteria Celland a Supercharged Battery (see recipe 16) to cure one Morty of all health and also remove all an adverse status effects.

This is another brand-new addition to the recipe crafting lineup.


Recipe 11:Plutonic absent (Recovers fifty percent AP for all Attacks)

Combine a Battery v a Bacteria Cell because that the an easy AP recovery item.

Don"t forget -- there"s no penalty for shedding in campaign mode, so once you operation out the AP in a common trainer battle, its far better to just get knocked out and return come the Citadel for free.


Recipe 12:Pure Plutonic absent (Restores full AP to every Attacks)

Combine a Battery with a Mutant Bacteria Cell for the upgraded AP restore item.


Recipe 13:Courier Flap (Return come the Citadel Instantly)

Combine a Battery through a Motherboard(recipe 22) and also aMutant Bacteria Cellto make this needlessly gross method of travel.

It"s likewise a rather useless item, due to the fact that (in project mode anyway) there"s no penalty because that dying and also having Bird human return you to the Citadel because that free.


Recipe 14:Level up Mega seed (Instantly Increases any type of Morty"s Level)

Combine one Attack Mega Seed, a Defense Mega Seed, and also a Speed Mega Seed for things that rises a Morty"s level by 1.

While you deserve to use the Level up Mega seeds on your key untyped Morty to do him stronger, you might want to save them rather for a various approach. The Egg Morty is nice useless... However he hatches right into the One True Morty at level 20, and leveling him generally in combat is a major chore.


Recipe 15:Normal Battery

Combine the Tin Can, Cable, and also Fleeb to handmade this simple Battery the is provided in countless other do recipes.


Recipe 16:Supercharged Battery

Combine the Battery (see cooking recipes 15) and Turbulent Juice Tube because that an upgraded battery with an ext power.


Recipe 17:Microverse Battery

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see cooking recipes 16 above) v a Motherboard(recipe 22) and a Dark issue Ball (see recipe 21) for this crate of enslavement with extra steps.


Recipe 18:Purified Fleeb

Combine a Fleeb v a Turbulent Juice Tube to gain the much more potent Purified Fleeb used in several other recipes.


Recipe 19:Mutant Bacteria Cell

Combine a Bacteria Cell with a Turbulent Juice Tube for the smarter Mutant Bacteria Cell required in other recipes.


Recipe 20:Dark energy Ball

Combine a Fleeb v a Bacteria Cell to get the Dark power Ball offered in quests and also for other recipes.


Recipe 21:Dark matter Ball

Combine a Dark energy Ball (see cooking recipes 20) v a Turbulent Juice Tube for the upgraded Dark matter Ball.


Recipe 22:Motherboard

Combine a Battery (see cooking recipes 15 above) v Circuit Board and also a Cable because that this comfortable item supplied for crafting a variety of other recipes.


Recipe 23:Dog Collar

Combine a Cable with a Tin Can because that this odd quest related item the does not finish up top top a dog...


Recipe 24:Love Potion

Combine a Purified Fleeb (see cooking recipes 18) v a Mutant Bacteria Cell (see cooking recipes 19) to make this pursuit item.


Recipe 25:Robot

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see cooking recipes 16 above) through a Motherboard (see recipe 22) to acquire this item needed to make the Butter Robot.


Recipe 26:Butter Robot

Combine a Robot with a Tin Can to gain this upgraded production needed because that a quest.


Recipe 27:Gwendolyn Doll

Combine a Robot v a Love Potion...what could possibly walk wrong v this weird sex doll?


Recipe 28:Time Crystal

Combine a Purified Fleeb(see cooking recipes 18) v a Dark power Ball (see cooking recipes 20) because that this search item.


Recipe 29:Time stabilizing Collar

Combine a Time Crystal (see recipe 28 above) and a Dog Collar (see recipe 23) to gain this quest item.


Recipe 30:Interdimensional Cable Box

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see recipe 15 above) with a Motherboard (recipe 22) and a Time Crystal (see recipe 24 above) therefore you have the right to watch TV from any kind of dimension.


Recipe 31:Neutrino Bomb

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see cooking recipes 15) with a Motherboard (recipe 22) and a Dark power Ball (see recipe 20).

Despite what the summary says, this article isn"t offered in combat. If you want an item that kills your enemy Mortys, usage the Mr. Meeseeks box instead.


Recipe 32:Interdimensional Goggles

Combine a Supercharged Battery (see cooking recipes 16) through a Time Crystal (see cooking recipes 24) and a Tin Can to gain this pursuit item.


Recipe 33:IQ enhancing Helmet

Combine a super charge Battery (see recipe 16) through a Motherboard (recipe 22) and also Turbulent pipe Juice to obtain this helmet the under no circumstances must be provided to dogs.

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Recipe 34:Roy VR Headset

Combine the Interdimensional Goggles (see cooking recipes 32) through the IQ boosting Helmet (see cooking recipes 33) to gain this last quest item!



That"s every 34 recipes currently available, so now that you"ve crafted every little thing there is come make, take it your secure of Mortys andgo obtain rickety, ricketywrecked already!And check out the rest of ourPocket Mortysguidesfor even much more tips and tricks.