I"ve seen and also heard a most references to how an effective the giants are in Skyrim (e.g. Coin Arcade), so my challenge as quickly as I gain the game is to go and also kill one. I"m certain that if ns maxed the end my personality I can just death the huge in a fight, yet I desire to do it as early as possible. Space there any kind of perks or spells which giants are particularly susceptible to? Any specific race I must choose? any other tricks that would make the job easier?



Giants can"t jump.

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For this method, gyeongju doesn"t yes, really matter.

Find a high sufficient ledge / rock to stand on in the perimeter that the Giant.

Keep shoot arrows in ~ him, make certain that you dodge his strikes if the rock is quite small.

Here is a video clip demonstrating just how this is done, it can be taken into consideration a nasty glitch though:

Giants might be slower 보다 you.

For this method, gyeongju that give you higher running speed and/or stamina have actually influence in the succes. Friend might likewise want to make sure you don"t bring much through you together Weight has actually an influence on your running speed.

In around any video game where your enemy is slower than you, you can kill the enemy by kiting it. In Skyrim, ALT permits you come sprint. Friend might have the ability to use a combination of sprinting backwards and also firing arrows at the giant for a long time (it takes much longer in between shots than the various other method), probably using potions to fill her Stamina. The difficulty with this an approach is the you can run into other adversaries or against a wall, you might want to first inspect the direction in i m sorry you will run...


I"ve to be killing Giants since about level 8 as a hardwood Elf committed in sneaking and also archery. It"s gotten considerably easier now at level 17 but here is the simple tactics ns use.

Find an environmental object that is qualified of obstructing you completely from the giant"s view. Stand about 20 feet far from it and fire 2-3 arrows depending on your comfort level. Carry out not avoid sneaking/crouching and run around the rock/obstruction. Save the obstruction in between you and the large while the looks because that you. Gradually, the reticle will minimize in size until you"re hidden again and he"ll forget around you and walk away. Rinse and also repeat until he dies.

At level 17 through ~45 archery and ~65 sneaking -- I deserve to usually under a gigantic in about 8 arrows, so two or three teams of shots and hiding. As soon as I first did it, it take it me around 6-10 minutes to death a gigantic (20-30 arrows). Secunda"s Kiss is a an excellent place to try it. There space two nice big rock obstructions.

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EDIT: execute NOT WEAR heavy ARMOR -- the IS NOISY and THEY WILL find YOU EVERY TIME! light armor only. Also, once you"re away from her cover shooting, make certain you"re as far away native the giant as possible so you have actually lots the time to obtain behind the rock before he sees you. Night helps.