In your group chat, choose the

Manage group switch next come the team nameto open up the profile. from the team profile, you can:

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Add or update a group snapshot - select thegroup phototoupload a photograph or eliminate the photo.
Change your team name
- select theEdit textbutton beside your group name to type a new one.
Copy connect to clipboard
- SelectCopy attach to clipboardto re-publishing an invitation link to your group chat outside of
Send a message
- SelectSend messageto send a message to this group.
Start a call
- SelectStart callto start an audio contact with this group up come 100 total participants. If the speak to option is no available, the team is too large.
Schedule a call - SelectSchedule a callto send this group an invite for a contact on a certain date and time.
Add world - SelectAdd peopleto include up come 600 extr participants in your group conversation. Group Gallery- SelectShow moreto browse every the images, links, and also files that have been shared to this team chat.
Notifications: turn notifications on or turn off for new messages in this group. Smart Notifications: WithSmart Notificationson, girlfriend will just be notified anytime someone price quotes or

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mentions girlfriend in this group. Chat history: permit everyone to access the chat history. Share group via link: pick to enable group members to create and also share an invitation connect for this group. Leave group: leaving the group chat.

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