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(New) Elysium update 2017.11.25

Added Trakt support

Added Norwegian language strings

New api-key – This will be the last one listed natively. Native 2018 onwards, users will require to provide their very own API Key. The TMDB API vital returns the metadata and also special playlists within the addon.

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(Old) Elysium update 2017.11.12

Added Hebrew languageAdded numerous listsFixed tools opening up wrong setups sectionNew API Key. Please acquire your own api... Together it will end up being mandatory in following update.Switched to NaNScrapers (and Nan scrapers walk an update, solved several)

(New) updated 3 SEPT 2017Elysium Kodi 2017.08.28 adjust Log

Fixed TMDB API Key

Elysium (formerly well-known as Zen) is currently one of the most well-known scraper based third party Kodi addons. It is just one of the best alternate for Exodus, Salts, Specto and Covenant.

Elysium offers an extremely nice attributes like a watchlist to conserve your favorites, a database to save track of your last watched episodes, cool user interface to screen sources, Debrid support and Library integration through MetalliQ.

Elysium is situated in Noobs and also Nerds repository (NaN Repo). There is a new alternative URL for the Noobs and Nerds Repo due to the fact that the original has gone down a couple of times as result of high web traffic volume.

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These are choices inside Elysium: Movies, TV Shows, Spotlight, brand-new Movies, new TV Shows, mine Elysium, TV Calendar, Channels, Tools, Search, Changelog.

Tutorial exactly how to install Elysium (Zen) for Kodi 17 Krypton
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action 1: walk to Kodi key menu and click "SYSTEM" icon.


action 2: pick "File Manager".


action 3: select "Add source"


action 4: Enter paper source "" (main url) or "" (backup url) and give this resource a name. In this example, i name it as "NoobsnNerds".


step 5:Ensure that source "NoobsnNerds" has been installed.


action 6: walk to Kodi prior page and select "Add-ons".


step 7: select "Add-ons Browse" at the top.


step 8: select "Install from zip file".


step 9: choose "NoobsnNerds" resource file.


action 10: choose "noobsandnerds Repo (x.x).zip".


action 11: Wait until notification displayed in ~ the height right corner.


action 12: walk to "Install from repository".


step 13: walk to "noobsandnerds Repository".


step 14: walk to "Video add-ons".


action 15: Scroll down to choose "Elysium". In fact, later on you can install various other add-ons together well.


step 16: click on "Install".


action 17: Elysium can be in various other repo as well. Choose the latest variation from Noobs and Nerds.


step 18: Wait till "Elysium Add-on installed" notification displayed at height right corner.