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Another fabulous how-to overview from 2k. This time we are installing an aftersector steering wheel and also quick release hub. This overview is not specific for all makes and also models of quick releases but it is guaranteed to work perfect with your NRG quick release.This particular install entails a NRG v3 quick release short hub and also C-ONE steering wheel. The approximated install time for this from start to end up is ~1 hour.As usual this is just a overview. This overview operated for me to install these parts without any type of concerns. I cannot guarantee that this will certainly occupational for you. I also insurance claim no obligation for any kind of damage that you cause to your car. It is exceptionally essential to install these parts correctly or severe injury have the right to take place upon test drive. Use this guide at your very own hazard. This overview will certainly remove the airbag mechanism from the steering wheel. You will have actually an air bag light. It additionally clears the auto off revolve signals because of the clock spring removal. In this version of the guide you will certainly not retain the usage of your horn. I will certainly upday this overview to settle every one of these problems as soon as they have actually been reresolved.Lets begin with the tools that you will need.19mm 3/4" socket3/4" Socket Wrench10mm 3/8" Socket6", 3/8" Extension3/8" Socket Wrenchphillips Head Screw DriverStar Bit 3/8" Socket SetHex Bit 3/8" Socket SetPuller tool2 - 8 x 1.25 x 60mm boltsFirst things initially. Remove the negative battery terminal, last thing we want is for you to explode your airbag and also obtain knocked out. As funny as that would be for everyone else, allows attempt to avoid as a lot bodily injury as possible.

Next off action is to rerelocate the air bag. Use the star bit and 6" extension to rerelocate the 2 bolts on either side of the steering wheel

the various other is the direct oppowebsite side. Now it does take a tiny bit of wiggling however the air bag will certainly pop out.



obtain your 19mm socket and also currently unbolt the steering wheel. it takes a bit of force to break the nut cost-free. just man up and rerelocate it, or use an affect gun.
Once rerelocated you are going to threview this back dvery own 3-4 threads. The function of this is to proccasion the steering wheel from hitting you once you remove it via the puller.
Now you are going to need to rerelocate the clock spring. Tright here are clips on 3 locations that must be pulled back to rerelocate this.
Now the fun component starts. Get your quick release and obtain going with whatever. In this picture I have actually currently bolted the release of the hub to the steering wheel.

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take the hub and also bolt it to the steering column. Please take time to make certain the wheels are directly and the hub is lined up right so everything is straight when the wheel bolts up. for the NRG v3 short hub the NRG
goes on top.
bolt up the lock plate to the assembly. Make sure that the terminals on the hub for the horn are on the bottom and also every little thing is lines up straight
Pop on your steering wheel and make sure everything lines up right. If it does go for a drive and also enjoy your bad ass cockpit you"re just made. If its not straight you will certainly want to straighten your wheels and also re-align the hub.-2k