Image-Line started off as a video game company in 1992. Eventually, one of the lead developers was attracted into music manufacturing applications. In 1998, FruityLoops debuted together a MIDI-only action sequencer inspired by early Propellerhead software. Four years later, FruityLoops ended up being FL Studio and eventually prospered into a effective full-fledged DAW. Today, the application is a popular choice amongst hip-hop and electronic producers who specialize in sample-based production. Knowing exactly how to include drum kits to FL Studio is an essential concept to recognize when opened the software program for the an initial time.

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Step-by-Step: just how to add Drum kits & Samples come FL Studio

FL Studio comes v its own samples when you acquisition it. This includes drum kits so you have the right to hypothetically develop a song immediately upon opening the DAW. The step sequencer, which launches v the software, comes pre-loaded through stock sounds because that you to begin hammering the end a drum beat.

However, most producers have considerable collections of their own samples that they’ve invested months or years tracking down. This of course encompass drum samples, but also melodic loops and any various other kind the audio. Many avid producers i ordered it to sample subscription services prefer Splice together well, for this reason their arsenal is continually growing. Having quick access to this samples in FL Studio is essential for optimizing workflow.

The procedure is a an easy one, but may be a small mysterious if you’re brand-new to the DAW. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how to add drum kit to FL Studio.

1. Theorem your drum samples

The very first thing you’ll want to carry out is consolidate your samples right into a solitary parent folder. Inside this main folder friend can additional organize the samples by piece, do a folder because that 808s, Kicks, Snares, etc. Exactly how you decision to organize your drum kits is completely up to you, yet it’s definitely helpful to have whatever in one master folder. It also means you have actually less come manually add to the FL Studio directory.

By default, FL Studio includes whichever sub-folders friend have, therefore the parental folder method is easiest.

2. Start FL Studio and also navigate to document Settings


In the upper part of FL Studio, just left of its deliver Controls, you’ll see the options menu. Open Options, and drop down to paper Settings—you might notification that the options dropdown is subcategorized, with file Settings provided under System. Selecting record Settings will open a new window i beg your pardon is whereby you’ll be able to add folders to the FL Studio file directory.

3. Include your folder to FL Studio

With the record Settings home window open, uncover the heading that says web browser Extra find Folders. Just listed below that, you’ll discover a empty slate through multiple rows of what show up to be empty file paths. That’s exactly what they are, and also this is wherein you can add drum kits to FL Studio, among any other sample folders you may need accessibility to.


Simply click the little folder icon on any type of of the north rows. In ~ this point, your computer system will beginning its default record browser. V that open, discover your drum kit folder, pick it, and press Ok. You have to see the empty row in document Settings populate v the record path info leading come your north kit folder. Now, you can ‘X’ the end of file Settings, and also your drum kit will now be component of the main FL Studio document directory top top the lefthand next of the DAW.

This process is repeatable for any type of folders you wish to include to the FL paper directory.

Drag and Drop Folders in FL Studio

Like any type of DAW, there’s usually much more than one way to perform any type of given task. The very same is true because that FL Studio and including drum kit or various other sample folders to the DAW’s directory. The easiest method is to simply drag and also drop everything folder you desire from her operating mechanism to the web browser in FL Studio. Yup, it’s really that simple.

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Adding drum kit or sample folders come FL Studio is very intuitive. The drag-and-drop method is clearly the fastest and also easiest way, but knowing exactly how to operate in document Settings is beneficial knowledge as well. Whichever means you choose, you deserve to rest easy learning you’ve centralized your workflow by having all of your samples prepared to go in the FL Studio Browser.