In this overview I will describe how to collection up modded execution of Brawl prefer Project M and Brawl Minus, and how to include your own mods to those.

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Setting increase Modded Games

Most modded gamings usually have two version you can download, a “Hackless” version and a “Homebrew” version. Both have benefits and disadvantages.

The Hackless Method

The hackless version is run by tricking the Wii into running a regime from the SD card when Stage Builder is selected. It is called hackless since it go not call for any change of her Wii.


Does not need you to download the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.Can be operation on any type of Wii as lengthy as there room no custom stages in Brawl’s conserved file.Easier and also faster to collection up.


SD card size is minimal to 2GB. (SD cards this little are more tough to uncover nowadays)Slower startup time. (Brawl demands to boots up twice)You need to delete all of your stage builder stages.

The Homebrew Method

This hack is run v the Homebrew Channel.


You can use SD cards bigger than 2GB.The video game can begin up faster since Brawl only needs to load once.


You need to install the Homebrew Channel on her Wii.How to Install

Both that these methods require a Nintendo Wii and also a copy of super Smash Bros Brawl. (We carry out not assistance the usage of emulators for such a readily easily accessible game)

For the images in these instances I am using job M.

Hackless Method

Step 1: find an appropriate SD card

For this version you will need a 2GB SD card. It will certainly not job-related with a Micro SD or an SDHC card. These can be a bit difficult to find because 64GB is the norm nowadays. (If you’re no hope you have the right to use the one the comes inside the 3DS.)

" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class=" size-full wp-image-159 aligncenter" src="" alt="SD Cards" srcset=" 1088w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 1316w" sizes="(max-width: 1088px) 100vw, 1088px" />Step 2: Delete every your tradition Stages

If you have any kind of Custom step made in stage Builder girlfriend will have to delete them. This is due to the fact that the game needs to default to the SD card.

Step 3: put the files on your SD card

Paste the mode you intend to download top top the SD card. The root magazine should look comparable to the picture below:

To pat the game insert the SD card into the Wii and start increase Super quit Bros Brawl.

To activate the mod, go to the stage Builder page. When you’re there don’t push anything.

If the boots properly the display will appear to glitch the end then display screen some text before the mod’s food selection opens or the game starts.

If it continues to be on the the stage builder screen for more than a couple of seconds climate the mode failed to load. If this happens and the Wii is frozen (music is playing however none the the buttons work) simply restart the Wii and try again. This happens occasionally even if friend haven’t done anything wrong. If the game is not frozen and also you are able to use the stage builder it way there is a difficulty with her SD card.

" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class=" size-full wp-image-375 aligncenter" src="" alt="the homebrew channel" srcset=" 795w, 150w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 795px) 100vw, 795px" />

Homebrew Method

Step 1: install the Homebrew ChannelThe Homebrew Channel is a Wii channel offered for running mods or user created programs. That is no made or known by Nintendo so it cannot be discovered in the Wii Shop Channel. The only method to download that is to exploit flaws in the Wii’s security.

Information on the Homebrew Channel and also how to download it deserve to be uncovered here. Try the LetterBomb method first. If that doesn’t work shot the BannerBomb method.

Step 2: placed the papers on your SD card

Once Homebrew has actually been mounted delete the records used to download it from her SD map so you deserve to use the for your mods.

Paste the modded game’s papers onto the SD card. The root directory should something look choose this:

Turn on her Wii and also insert the SD card and also Brawl disk. Start the Homebrew Channel. Select your mod and also click play. The moded variation of Brawl should now boot up.

How to include Individual Mods

You can install the individual mode such as those discovered in Brawl Vault by placing the records onto the SD map in the correct locations. Some files are stored in ~ .PAC files which can be opened using BrawlBox.

Brawl hacks job-related by making it so that whenever the Wii do the efforts to fill a record it will very first check the SD map for the document and will certainly default to the document on the disk if that doesn’t discover it ~ above the card. This method you can revert characters and also stages ago to your Brawl execution individually by deleting the modded documents from the SD card.

Certain papers may have actually strange names. This is since the papers use the Japanese names for characters, stages, and items. Koopa is Bowser, Purin is Jigglypuff, pokeZenigame is Squirtle, pokeFushigisou is Ivysaur, and pokeLizardon is Charizard.

The location and name that this main folder on the SD card is various in each mod. You will require to uncover the catalog that looks favor this:


Modded stages are always made to replace a details stage and also will only occupational when overriding the stage it to be intended for. It is possible to prolong the phase roster to fit multiple mode of the very same stage, but that is a topic for an additional day.

Stages are stored in stages/melee folder as .PAC files. To change a stage you just need to change the equivalent .PAC file. There are a couple of stages that have multiple .PAC files due to the fact that there room multiple execution of the stage that have actually a opportunity to load. Because that these stages you will must replace each file.

Some stage hacks will come through a .REL file. These belong in the module folder. If the phase you are including does not come with a .REL file, you must delete the .REL document that synchronizes to the stage it replaces therefore the device will load the original from the disk. Untrue .REL documents will cause stages to crash or pack incorrectly.


Each character has their own folder in the fighter folder that consists of all your files.

Fit.PAC includes the password for the character’s moveset, which have the right to be edited utilizing PSA, as well as models for specific effects choose the Falcon Punch.

Fit_##.PAC and .PCS (where ## is the color beginning at 00) save on computer the design for every of the character’s color slots. The PAC record is the necessary one. The PCS record seems to contain the same information and is normally unnecessary except for personalities that have the right to transform. If a mode doesn’t come through a PCS paper then you most likely don’t need it.

FitMotionEct.PAC includes all the models for the character’s moves no in Fit.PAC. This go not encompass Peach’s turnips, Link’s bombs, or Snake’s grenades because the video game treats those together items.


The music tracks room stored in sound/strm. The file names don’t tell friend which tune is which, so girlfriend will should use this overview to call which record name synchronizes to which song.

To include your own song girlfriend will require to very first convert it to Brawl’s distinct .BRSTM format. A converter program deserve to be found on our sources page.

You can change the name of a song as it appears in the video game by opened info2/info.PAC v BrawlBox and modifying the perform of tune names under MiscData<140>.


Items space a small more challenging to modify. Items data is save in system/common3.PAC which have the right to be opened in BrawlBox. (The key folder called item actually has Pokemon and Assist Trophy characters) within common3.PAC items models are stored in ItmCommonBrres and also the password for what the item does is under ItmCommonParam. To add item mode you will should use BrawlBox to change the individual ARC papers for the item.

You can also change the spawn frequency for each items in common3.PAC/ItmCommonGen/ItemGeneration/Table<0>/Group<9>. Pokemon frequency is under Group<5> and also Assist Trophy frequency is under Group<6>. Note that setup the frequency of a Pokemon come 0.00 does not reason it to never appear; it simply makes it an extremely rare. (Jirachi, Celebi, and Mew all have a frequency of 0.00)

Menu Images

When you change a character’s version or a stage you might want to change the corresponding picture on the character / stage select screen. Plenty of mods come with pictures you deserve to use. The size of these photos must it is in the same as the originals or the video game may crash. All of these call for BrawlBox to modify as many of them room in common5.PAC. In Brawl Minus the contents of common5.pac are relocated to the menu2 folder.

Character an option Pictures (CSP)

These are the images you see on the character choose screen once you pick or hover over a character. There is one for each color. The dimension for the image is 128 x 160. They can be found in common5.PAC. Each character has a MiscData folder containing each of your colors.

When importing CSP pictures in BrawlBox you might need to pay attention to the quantity of space your pictures take increase in the pac and also select an proper encoding layout to balance appearance with size. If common5.PAC becomes too big the video game can crash on the character select screen. CMPR style is normally a good choice, yet if it makes the image look ugly switch to CI8 format.

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Other character PicturesThe stock icons for each color slot room in sc_selcharacter_en/MiscData<90>.The photo of the characters’ name (only one per character) are in sc_selcharacter_en/MiscData<30>.The icons on the character select screen are in sc_selcharacter_en/MiscData<70>.The photos of the characters’ deals with on the damage meter in game are in info/portrite in individual BRRES documents for each color slot.Stage choice Pictures

All the stage photos are under common5.PAC/sc_selmap_en/MiscData<80>. ## in the record names below represents the index number of the stage.

MenSelmapIcon.## is the icon on the list of stages. (64 x 56)MenSelmapPrevbase.## is the larger image that shows up when you float over the stage. (160 x 160)MenSelmapFrontStname.## is the picture of the stage’s name. (208×56)MenSelmapMark.## is the logo of the video game the stage is based upon (120 x 56)