I commonly use NMM to mode Skyrim - I find it's much faster than hand-operated installation would certainly be and it's much much more user-friendly. Is over there a means to gain aMidianBorn in the one-of-a-kind Edition? just how would I carry out it?


it counts on your version of windows, yet it's an excellent to acquire into the habit of convert oldrim DDS and NIF records in general. It's pretty simple, just get NifScan.exe and also SSE Nif Optimizer.exe and also put lock in a folder that has actually all the publication of silence stuff inside it too. You deserve to use NifScan to check and also fix DDS files, yet i'd actually use the Nif Optimizer to deal with NIF files. So once you have actually the executables, you should make a batch document for NifScan to unlock the resolve DDS feature. Simply write a new textedit doc and have it speak "nifscan.exe -fixdds" (without the quotes) and also save it as "Convert Tex to SSE" or something. Then make certain you have record extensions turned on in explorer, and readjust the filetype native .txt to .bat

now you can dual click the bat paper and it will instantly optimize every the DDS papers in the folder, plus all the DDS documents in subfolders. The bat needs to it is in in the same magazine as NifScan.exe or that won't occupational obviously. Don't simply drop these records into her data/textures folder, its possible to fuck increase by attempting too numerous textures at once. It's better to just do this prior to installation. Simply pull a pair mods out of your unextracted/downloads folder, unzip them, placed them in her conversion tools folder, operation the tools, zip them ago up and also move them earlier to the unextracted folder, run your mode manager/organizer/wryebash/etc. And also install.

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as because that the NIF files, you do the same thing however with SSE Nif Optimizer.exe. The doesn't require a bat file, the exe will instantly target every subdirectories. Simply use the default setups please. If you're ever trying to readjust extended character edit or something through nifskope (pretty progressed and i don't understand why friend would due to the fact that it's currently ported) then because that head components like mouth and also teeth friend would need to inspect Head components Only. This isn't because that helmets, it's because that actual head parts.

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In general when porting to SSE you can just ignore that 99.9% the the time. Just hit optimize and you're done.

if you want to convert oldrim HKX animation files come SSE then follow this tutorial.