I am a great line drive hitter, normally make good, difficult contact but it's constantly singles ideal over the infielders' heads. The feels prefer I struggle the ball hard sufficient to hit for extra bases or also some dingers however for every little thing reason mine bat just doesn't attach at the right angle for that to happen. Any tips?


well, if you've been watching any kind of MLB this season, everybody is talking about "bat angle" and "exit velocity". Those it seems to be ~ to be the buzz words.

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That aside. Ns recommend the swing Makeover collection on friend Tube. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMRJlZ_yh1s

Without seeing your swing, the best tip I have the right to think of is make certain your hips snap open and then the eight follow. Yet that is generic, really. The totter Makeover series will deliver a bunch the cues and drills that might help you change your swing.


Swing Makeover is rad. It's aided me go from a wildly inconsistent hitter that hit a zillion worm-burners and also infield flys to a respectable extra basic w/ part occasional HR strength guy.

I think it's worth discussing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with hitting singles for average. Ns play v a male that bats approximately .950. I can't psychic the critical time he got out. The doesn't hit home runs, the doesn't try turn a solitary into a double by running the bases as well aggressively. He it s okay up there and does his job every at bat. He moves baserunners terminal to station. That male is my hero.

It's an extremely unlikely that is bat edge related. Virtually certainly you need to include bat speed, so as pointed out watch the swing makeover series. I think friend will discover it is pretty easy to boost your swing speed, and when you execute so you will certainly realize your present line drives aren't hit almost as difficult as you think lock are.

I'll also throw in a recommendation for the totter Makeover Series. I was like you, a an excellent line drive hitter, might hit it right into the gaps because that doubles, however could never put the sphere over the fence. 18 years i played w/o ever before hitting the ball over the fence.

I began doing few of the things from the SMS, and also a couple of were sort of awkward because that me, yet the year I adopted the values taught i lead mine team in HRs w/o a emboldened in any kind of of my various other offensive stats.

The large takeaway I had in making use of the SMS techniques was obtaining my arms extended. I believed I was v my old swing, but I wasn't, not virtually as well as I perform now. That is whereby I was able to generate a lot much more power.

It's pretty hitting residence runs, it's also nicer gift able come hit to all fields i think. An initial at bat punch the third baseman up and the really next in ~ bat punch the first baseman up on a low and outside pitch (if you're a righty) or walk middle long as girlfriend don't come earlier at the pitcher.

I'm a huge advocate because that tee work and feeling comfortable being able to journey to all sides the the field. Arising a solid habit of squaring the ball up with ideal timing go wonders, for me at least.

Man, this.

A many of civilization poo-poo the Tee. Or simply neglect it.

But if done right, you can work on numerous weaknesses and also close the feet in her swing.

It doesn't price much once you get the tee. You can hit right into a ar or a fence for this reason you recognize the amount of work/time. Yet you can obtain too much work in a quick amount of time. One of the piece of advice i got concerning tee work-related was "stop at about 20-24 balls".

A. Examine your bat speed To occupational on bat speed execute some forearm/wrist practice to obtain that really good snap B. Making use of your bigger muscles mid totter will sluggish your bat down significantly, they're important, but you're walking to be muscling the sphere out i beg your pardon is much more complicated C. Choose your pitch and wait on it, if it's a shitty pitch every you're gonna gain is line drives or grounders D. Don't aim for residence runs; swinging hard and also fast will enable you to execute that, aiming because that homers will get you an ext pop-ups than runs E. No everyone have the right to hit homers! Just have actually fun and when you execute hit one, it'll be worth it.

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Try loosening up her grip top top your top hand. Help me snap the bat v the ar with more speed. Bat rate = powa

It hasn't to be said, but pitch choice is a huge factor. Make certain where girlfriend stand, the ball comes throughout between your chest and bellybutton....

Strong believer in tee work. Watched so many guys on my team improve by just hitting turn off the tee when a week. Also if you don't acquire the mechanics under the tee can make your swing work