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Don’t wait till after you have actually spent a luck hiring skilled services or exterminators to check out your options to self-treat your residential or commercial property with heat. You may not have actually a huge maintenance staff... You could be a small property manager or the owner of a motel. You may oversee a hundred real estate units. It’s never too so late to discover how simple it is to carry out it yourself to eradicate bed bugs. Visit our blog for existing information to assist understand bed bugs, warmth treatment, thermodynamics, and industry news.

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What people Say

The Titan 450 is an remarkable heater! Temps are an excellent and quickly lethal. This is a video game changer for me.

Joshua Foster, Zap PestOrangevale, CA

There are numerous definitions because that “Do-It-Yourself”, v applications varying from homeowners, come landlords of little apartment buildings, to residential property managers, come motels and also hotels, to larger multi-tenant buildings, to camps, and the transport industry. If you are not dealing with another’s home for hire, you a do-it-yourselfer. You can be the residential property owner, a maintain department, or lose prevention. Please call our sales heat at 855-GTH-BUGS (855-484-2847) ext 2 because that answers to any kind of of your questions.

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GreenTech Heat electrical Heaters
ePro 400
ePro 400 hotel+
ePro 600
ePro 1400
heat produced19,659 BTU19,659 BTU26,212 BTU52,377 BTU
8-hour treatment area400 sqft400 sqft600 sqft1400 sqft
power requirements50A 110VPTAC & 15A 110V66A 110V64A 240V
includes cordsyesyesyesyes
integrated thermostatyesyesyesyes
air flow3500 cfm3500 cfm3500 cfm3500 cfm
dimensions23” x 20” x 13”23” x 20” x 13”23” x 20” x 13”23” x 20” x 13”
weight38 lbs40 lbs39 lbs48 lbs
warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years
heater price$1,599.00$1,799.00$1,999.00$2,549.00
Click to purchase HeaterClick to acquisition HeaterClick to acquisition HeaterClick to acquisition Heater
package price$1,949.00$2,049.00$2,249.00as low together $120/month-24 months AOC$3,795.00as low as $180/month-24 months AOC
Click to purchase PackageClick to acquisition PackageClick to purchase PackageClick to purchase Package

Enjoy the to trust of making use of the same portable commercial bed bug heat therapy equipment and also training as the professionals. GreenTech warm supplies equipment and also full training alternatives for all industries big and small. A recent independent evaluation reports the the GreenTech warmth Titan 800 is the most an effective portable, propane bedbug heater available.

Why Self-Treat v GreenTech Heat?

warm treatments kill 100% the bed bugs and their eggs in simply one treatment. 100% kill. 100% of the time. Every time. Immediate, in-house an answer to any infestation saves thousands on constant pest control firm treatments. Fast return top top your tools investment. Treated rooms are just down for a few hours during treatment. No toxic chemicals used with heat! Propane heaters flush allergens native the structure. Direct fired heaters can kill microbes and allergens.

What people Say

We viewed your competition, castle were good but, when compared Apples to Apples, GreenTech had much better equipment at better prices. And also we love all the videos and also support.

Stan DulaneyGlade Water real estate Authority

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GreenTech warmth Direct-Fired Heaters
Titan 450
Titan 800
output550,000+ BTU990,000+ BTU
8-hour treatment areamore 보다 2,000 sqftmore than 4,000 sqft
power requirements7A 120V7A 120V
air flowup come 4,000 cfmmore than 5,000 cfm
integrated REGO valveyesyes
propane tank5 or 10 gal or larger25 gal and also larger
dimensions43”L x 23”W x 29”H 50”L x 27”W x 30”H
weight100 lbs140 lbs
fuel use~1.4 gal/hr2-4 gal/hr
net temp rise125°F180°F
warranty2 years2 years
heater price$5,899.00as low as $210/month-36 months AOC$6,999.00as low as $240/month-36 month AOC
Click to acquisition HeaterClick to acquisition Heater
package price$8,099.00as low together $275/month-36 month AOC$9,899.00as low as $350/month-36 month AOC
Click to purchase PackageClick to purchase Package

Who services from Self-Treating with GreenTech Heat

Click on any of the industry segments listed below to uncover how the GreenTech warm Solutions warmth treatment device will assist you death bed bugs and also other insect pests.

Hospitals Restaurants

Price of devices vs price of Treatment

GreenTech HeatPesticides
Treatment duration1 DayWeeks to Months
Kill all bedbugs in a solitary treatment?YesNo
Repeat visits?Not neededRequired
Toxic chemcialsNoYes
100% safe to humans and also pets?YesNo
Reduces allergens?YesNo
Denatures dust mites?YesNo
Kills insect eggs?YesNo

GreenTech warmth Solution’s state-of-the-art technology allows you to attain a proven thermal kill for bed bugs. Our laboratory-tested and also EPA-approved an innovation creates warmth convection currents i m sorry transfer energy throughout the room. Heated waiting molecules deliver their energy into every surface of the room, allowing all the contents of the room to reach a minimum that 140°F. Developed and perfected through Michael R. Linford PhD, our equipment is designed to be a finish bed an insect heat treatment system without sacrifice safety, quality, or capability. We understand that devices alone will not attain a 100% kill of her infestation.

That’s why we incorporate our Flash video clip training through every package and many of our packages incorporate our Master warm Technician Certification training program.

Every electric bed pest heater package contains shipping to the Contiguous US and Canada.

Most people consider only the monetary component of a treatment’s cost. Inconvenience, collateral toxicity, and length of treatment need to all be considered when calculating a total cost. When a pesticidal treatment may initially show up less expensive, the bed bugs will stay with friend for number of weeks come a month or more. The table above will help you determine some the the covert considerations and also costs of pesticidal therapies as contrasted with treating with GreenTech warm equipment. Don’t forget the bed bugs have the right to survive more than 500 days in between meals!

For much more information on just how to protect your family, her residents, your property, or your great reputation, call us at 855-GTH-BUGS (855-484-2847) ext 2 or visit our online save to stimulate today.

Failure to accomplish a 100% kill is a guarantee reinfestation. A solitary bed bug can become a huge infestation if left untreated. One pregnant bed pest can turn into 20 bed bugs ~ 6 weeks. Those 20 bed bugs will end up being 100 bed bugs in 12 weeks; the 100 bed bugs will end up being 425 bed bugs in 16 weeks, and finally, those 425 bed bugs will become an infestation of over 13,000 in just 6 months! Not just do bed bugs multiply rapidly, yet they can additionally live because that 8 months or much more without food.

We execute not administer heat therapy services.GreenTech heat designs, manufactures, and sells portable electric and also propane heaters, fans, and also treatment accessories particularly designed for the reliable killing of every insect pests, particularly bed bugs and their eggs. In some cases, owning our tools has a lower full cost and greater timeliness than utilizing an outside service.

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