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If you have actually stumbled top top this article, you room probably trying to find ways to grind in Fire Emblem: Awakening. This iteration that the Fire Emblem franchise has actually opened the door for much more casual players many thanks to the relative ease of grinding (for those that wish to carry out so), and also casual setting (which turns off permadeath for units in your army; lost units revive at the finish of the battle).

This article is walk to list a selection of ways one have the right to grind in Fire Emblem: Awakening and will give tips and tricks because that exploiting both the ways the game gives friend for complimentary and those you have to purchase with actual money (aka downloadable content maps).

So, let's gain going!

Free methods of grinding in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Note: through free, I average that friend don't need to pay genuine money to unlock these methods of grinding. Few of these methods expense in-game gold, therefore that's why I'm clarifying.

Random risen Encounters

After you beat a chapter (I've additionally seen the sometimes encounter when the day changes on the 3DS internal clock), a random variety of Risen teams generate in random areas you have already completed.

A most these random teams have one or 2 units (sometimes three) that are holding a little Bullion (Bullion as presented in-game). Tiny Bullion sells for 1000 gold per unit, therefore you stand to make roughly 2000 gold every encounter, on average.

Also, you often tend to be able to loot the weapon turn off of the boss climbed in claimed encounters therefore you obtain a free weapon the end of the deal as well. Later in the game, this may mean a free Silver weapon or ranged weapon, such together a Hand Axe or short Spear.

On certain rare occasions, you will certainly not be able to loot the boss' weapon. In those outlier cases, the boss will probably be stop a long-term stat an increase item or a Seal (Second Seal or master Seal). The former instance is much more valuable than the weapon and, relying on your opinion, the latter situation is probably more valuable together well.

Spawned risen Encounters

The straight sibling of the random climbed Encounters, girlfriend can pressure a climbed team to spawn by buying and using a Reeking Box. Since the price of Reeking crate is 4800 yellow at any an obstacle above Normal, this is obviously just abusable in ~ Normal. To the finest of my knowledge, these risen encounters play out in the exact same exact way as the arbitrarily encounters.

Reinforcement Abuse

In part maps (well, to be blunt, most maps ~ a particular point the game), the adversaries will muster reinforcements the will show up either indigenous off-map or indigenous forts top top the actual map in ~ pre-determined turns as determined by the chapter.

Obviously, this is a little reliant on meta-knowledge, yet if you recognize when and also where reinforcements will spawn, you have the right to engineer situations where your devices that require experience are close come the spawn points (but, if you're play at a difficulty over Normal, not so close because reinforcements deserve to move on the revolve they spawn at greater difficulties). Due to the fact that some maps have reinforcements that keep spawning because that over 5 turns, this have the right to be a potential stream of huge extra experience.

Boss Abuse

Fire Emblem: Awakening has actually two species of bosses: Stationary bosses and also mobile bosses. Together you might infer from my descriptive phrases, one form of ceo moves if the other stays still at their beginning square till you deign to confront him/her in bloody battle. Stationary bosses space really easy to abuse: Just have actually your units with the most Defense (or Resistance in the instance of tome-wielding bosses) plant themselves in former of the boss and take off their weapons.

Just let the ceo smack your unit around until your weapon or tome breaks. Then, friend just have your underleveled systems smack the boss approximately until the ceo bites the dust. This obviously works far better if the ceo is stand on a brick that offers HP rejuvenation such together a throne or a gate.

Note: This section about boss abuse may be unusable ~ above Lunatic, after additional investigation. I baited the chapter 1 boss on optimal of a Fort and also had him waste his short Axe. As I struck him through my weaker units, lock started obtaining less and less endure each revolve until, finally, they stopped getting experience. It appears that Awakening has an anti-grind mechanic in place to stop such shenanigans through unarmed enemy units (this has only been listed at Lunatic, but you shouldn't have to boss abuse to grind at reduced difficulties, therefore the point is reasonably moot).

Healer Abuse

A corollary come the above-mentioned abuse works as soon as you substitute a boss through a typical unit and also a healer unit. Just let the common unit fight until they break your weapon and also then strike them. The healer will likely move in to cure the damaged ally. Rinse, lather and repeat until the healer's staff breaks and also then finish both the the devices off for the last bit of extra experience.

Downloadable Teams

Using SpotPass, you have the right to download extra free content, such as a series of free maps that room unlocked before the final storyline map and also extra downloadable teams that will show up on the map in ~ a random spot, lot like climbed teams. Pick the team the your choice and spawn them in her world. Then walk beat them down for experience. (After winning together a battle, you deserve to recruit the enemy team's leader, if you're for this reason inclined).

Paid techniques of grind in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Note: Paid methods of grinding are basically a single type: Downloadable content maps. They space termed in that means since they call for you to purchase them with real money (until march 5th, 2013, the very first DLC map "Champions of Yore 1" is fully free). In north America (and presumably, Europe as soon as FE: Awakening is released over there), you deserve to buy bundles of three maps for 6.00 USD (each separation, personal, instance map is 2.50 USD, for this reason you get an all at once discount of 1.50 USD if you purchase maps in this manner).

The developers of Fire Emblem: Awakening have actually three maps that allow you to completely break the game on your knee, in terms of trivializing her in-game experience. Since abuse of this grind-friendly maps deserve to potentially damage the an obstacle of your storyline run, ns recommend you play them as sparsely as feasible (in fact, I just played every map once throughout my early stage playthrough to have the ability to write around them; you'll know the heaviness of how abusive these maps are when you review below).

The gold Gaffe: Xenologue 4

Pre-Chapter Description: In this map, the bumbling duo Vincent and also Victor make another appearance (after having actually been utterly humiliated in Paralogue chapters 2 and 3 by Chrom's army). They have actually heard around a group of risen who have gained a large sum of gold from specific sources, and they intended to gain rich off of their lucky circumstance. Chrom overhears the conversation and also is promptly notified by Lissa and also Frederick the they (Chrom's group, not the bumbling duo) have actually been robbed by stated Risen. When Chrom realizes the amount of gold the Risen has acquired, he provides to chastise them. The mission starts there.

This is the first of 3 special grind maps that have actually been released because that Fire Emblem: Awakening. In this case, and also as girlfriend have currently read, this map was produced to allow the player come grind gold. End 50,000 the the valuable metal, to it is in precise. The yellow is spread in between the Risen pointed out in the over description. Each unit hold a change amount of gold, based on its as whole danger level. So, the weakest systems (Level 1 Barbarians and also Thieves) carry between 1,000G and also 3,000G, while the strongest units (promoted Sorcerers and also Tricksters) carry between 5,000G and also 7,000G.

Note: once you death a unit on this map, the yellow is deposited straight into her treasury. This is a deviation from the traditional Fire Emblem exercise of having opponent units carry Bullion of differing sizes that you can sell to do a pre-determined amount of gold.

What precisely Makes This Map therefore Abusable?

The adversary units perform not attack. You read that correctly: The enemy units do not attack! Sure, they'll counterattack if you attack them due to the fact that they're equipped (and, in fact, attack the strongest enemies on this map will probably be fatal for her weaker units). But, their objective is to leave the map as quickly as feasible and shot to border your revenues by escaping through the gold. This also makes this map a fair way of grind experience.

(Then again, you did pay at the very least 2 USD, so probably it's not that free...)

Post-Map Description: Lissa and Frederick talk to Chrom to recover their steal money. However, Chrom conveniently realizes that basically the totality of the yellow they have acquired throughout this run doesn't in reality belong to the Ylissean Guard! because that the curious, Lissa shed 3 gold and also Frederick lost 17 gold. (The remainder of the yellow belonged come the bandit twins, who didn't realize that they had obtained robbed and also were inadvertently going to finish up acquisition their money back).

(On one off-topic note, renders you wonder exactly how the heck typical Joes can money their devices outside of being a member the an army if Lissa was making such a large deal around Frederick's "giant nest egg" that 17 gold, and you do infinitely more than that over the food of even a normal, no-grind, Fire Emblem: Awakening run).

EXPonential Growth: Xenologue 5

Pre-Chapter Description: In this map, one Anna indigenous an alternative world beckons Chrom to defeat the Entombed eat an underground village's vegetable crops (yeah, ns don't know either; just Anna really knows and also she ain't telling). Claimed Anna speak in a fake French (you know, if France actually existed in the Fire Emblem universe) accent for most of the conversation, and then reveals that she is capable of talking in unaccented English. So, it's up to Chrom and up to five of your many experience-hungry devices to take the end as many Entombed together possible.

This is the 2nd of three special grind maps that have actually been released because that Fire Emblem: Awakening. In this case, and as you might suspect, this map was produced with the will of allowing the player come grind experience. Every one of the enemies present on the map are Entombed, which gives the many experience of any kind of Risen unit, pound for pound. Lock have very low stats for your level (in fact, their just stat the is roughly level-appropriate happens to be your Luck, which is equal to their level).

What exactly Makes This Map for this reason Abusable?

The enemy units execute not attack. You read that correctly: The enemy units do no attack! Sure, they'll counterattack if you assault them at melee variety (be especially careful of the Level 30 Entombed units through Counter). However, their real objective is to leaving the map as soon as possible and shot to limit your experience gains by obtaining away. This makes this map the fastest way in Fire Emblem: Awakening come grind the end levels for any underleveled units you may have actually in your army. This is the most basic experience the you will ever before get in Awakening, therefore cherish it!

(Especially since you did pay at the very least 2 USD...)

Elialeh, Tactician the Lycia additionally suggested that I note that foe stats in this Xenologue perform not scale based upon the difficulty. So, as soon as you unlock the Outrealm gate in your higher-difficulty run, you will be just as able come grind top top this map as in any lesser difficulty!

Post-Map Description: Anna thanks Chrom for a task well-done and Chrom remarks ~ above the truth that his army and also himself to be able to acquire experience. However, you do not get any extr rewards because that completing the map (although who deserve to complain after every one of that totally free experience?).

Infinite Regalia: Xenologue 6

Pre-Chapter Description: In this map, Chrom's army stumbles ~ above a lost tomb guarded through 36 the the world's strongest Warlords, that have become Risen come persist in your mission to safeguard the Regalia in three chests.

This is the last of 3 special grind maps that have actually been released for Fire Emblem: Awakening. This map was produced with the will of allowing the player to get as many legendary weapons as they might ever want. Every of the chests has actually a random legend weapon, so girlfriend will have to do the map countless times to get every possible legendary weapon.

It is just fair to keep in mind that this map is actually meant an ext for those who room approaching their maximum stat caps and also have good gear already since every of the climbed Warlords is us wielding a legendary weapon (and several of them are rather nasty). Rushing in with an inexperienced party, assuming a repeat the the very first two maps will certainly likely confront a horrible fate.

Below you will uncover a table listing every possible legendary weapon that can spawn in every of the chests.

List of feasible Legendary weapons Obtainable Via Chests

A list of every single feasible legendary weapon that have the right to be randomly derived in the chests in Xenologue 6.











Sol Katti













Gae Bolg









Bolt Axe


Wolf Berg




















Double Bow












Book that Naga














Goddess Staff





Post-Map Description: The climbed Warlords hand Chrom a Silver map (halves the expense of buying items in shops) and also proceed to let his army leave, v one condition: that they visit again sometime. Despite their own protestations to the contrary, it would certainly seem these specific Risen space lonely.

While the golden Bundle as mentioned over is the most efficient method to grind in Fire Emblem: Awakening, as lengthy as you own at the very least one DLC map, you have an infinitely recurring means to grind gold, experience, and also items. Just make sure you don't inadvertently spoil your own game by abusing these maps!

As you have the right to see, Fire Emblem: Awakening has opened up the franchise come the masses by enabling people who might not be as hardcore (in regards to strategy RPGs) to reap the video game at their own pace. Whether you choose to grind or not, Awakening now has actually something because that everyone.

Feel complimentary to discuss any kind of grinding strategies I may have missed in this post in the comment section. Also, feel cost-free to vote in the poll in the sidebar the this section.

Awesome job, man. And, hey, i require all that money! You shot beating paralouge 23 without at the very least ten level 20 dlc guys. Anywho, friend forgot around the 4 thieves who deserve to steal the weapons if girlfriend don't smack them v mire, and you get an enherjar eldigan in boundless regalia

Silva ~ above June 05, 2013:

In any case, grinding has actually been basic on common mode, provided the reeking box prices 500 and each encounter can reward you with a couple of bullions precious 1000. You in reality PROFIT in this sense. As for the xp gain, I simply grind in ~ the paralogue in ~ the peak right that the map. (before the son paralogue) or in the Tiki paralogue. The adversaries come in vast proportions, and give a strong chance of gold Risen(usually lvls her unit through 100 xp at low levels)appearing. Although as soon as I grind, its normally for supports, but the sparkly things are straightforward to get to.

GFoppy on in march 15, 2013:

The DLC grinding maps pretty much make Lunatic setting quite trivial after chapter 4 once you get accessibility to the Outrealm Gate. It soon solves the difficulty of relying too much on Frederick in Lunatic and also having him leech all the party XP.

Darrin Perez (author) indigenous Puerto Rico on in march 14, 2013:

Hello over there Elialeh!

I strive to entertain (and teach, and also write), so I'm glad the you appreciated my comment so much! :D

Your suggested addition sounds favor something good to note, so I'll include it in as soon as possible!

Thank you because that reading and also for your praise! that is much appreciated! :)

Elialeh, Tactician the Lycia on in march 14, 2013:

Winterfate, thank you so much for dispersing the word about this game, and especially offering a fairly humorous overview of the DLC maps.

I delighted in reading this, and also it indeed reinforced mine conviction to purchase the DLC--after all, it's the just reliable method to grind ~ above modes higher than Normal.

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If i may imply an addition, that would only be to note that this chapters (to the best of mine knowledge; i may an extremely well it is in wrong) carry out not--yes, do NOT--scale in difficulty. Which means that when Chapter 5 is unlocked, even on maniac mode, any player has accessibility to the infinite-experience system that enables Awakening come have, together you noted, such prevalent appeal and awesomeness (mostly the awesomeness).

So again, say thanks to you for this reason much! her comments were hilarious!

--Elialeh, Tactician that Lycia

(Lucina x Gerome is finest shipping because dat MASK)

(Also, Aversa!Morgan (F)!Sage is ideal unit. Due to the fact that Shadowgift, Armsthrift, limit Breaker, Galeforce, and also either Ignis or Lethality is simply too overpowered to also stoop so low as to merely destructive faces.)