We in ~ rwandachamber.org hope you had actually a great winter vacation! so far, we’ve posted tutorials on graphing in rectangular/Cartesian and polar coordinates, yet there are other methods to clues functions. One of these is as a duty of a parameter, or a so referred to as “parametric” equation.

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This might be useful, because that example, for composing X and also Y coordinates of an item as a role of the parameter T, for time. We might have the adhering to equations:


A glance into your physics textbook could tell you the these equations describe the collaborates of a fragment with an X velocity that 5 feet every second, beginning out 10 feet in the air and also subject to Earth’s gravity. Let’s plot this on our calculator.

First, press mode to get to the mode menu, and also use the arrow keys to select PAR. Push ENTER.


Second, press Y= to gain to the equation entry screen. Enter the equivalent X and Y equations.


Third, press window to obtain to the home window screen. This is one of the most crucial parts the the process. In enhancement to setting the normal display screen limits, friend must also specify a minimum T, a preferably T, and a step with which come plot the points. If you specify too big of a Tstep, her plot will look jagged or also misleading. If you specify one that is as well small, it might take longer for her equation come graph.

Here, we’re sticking with the standard home window (which friend can constantly reach by pushing ZOOM and also selecting ZStandard), but setting 0≤T≤3 with a step of .1 seconds.


Press GRAPH to check out the plot. We check out the course of our object plotted the end in x-y coordinates.

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Press map to use the left and right arrow keys to map out the curve. That looks favor the bit hits the “ground” (Y=0) at around .8 seconds. We deserve to solve this specifically by resolving 0=10-16T², or T=√(10/16), which is around .791 s.


Parametric equations deserve to be a very practical way of looking in ~ the world and also are really useful in science, engineering, and also design. We hope this tutorial to be a useful introduction or refresher. Together always, questions, comments, and also suggestions are welcome via our contact form. Thank you for reading!