Is there any kind of glue that will adhere ceramic tile to wood or MDF lengthy term? i would prefer to start on hot plate trivets for following Christmas.

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Wood moves, tile no so much. Therefore the adhesive really requirements to provide separation and also adhesion. Lot like glass to wood. Therefore my an initial choice would be silicone. That cheap enough, simple to use, and also has a functioning temp native -20 v 400 levels F, so that should handle the warm transfer from most items from one of two people freezer or oven. MDF moves less, yet still much more than ceramic IIR, therefore silicone might be a great choice over there too.
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The same ar that selling the tiles sells a mastic that maintains a degree of versatility when using tiles come a sub floor. The will work for trivets on mdf or plywood.
You average like this? brentray.jpg I provided silicone to organize the brick to the plywood bottom and also for the grout lines. It is end 10 year old and also still going.
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We usage this for attaching backplash tile to wood fridge panels:
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Most that the tile cement machines do a two part cement containing several latex and the prefer that"s formulated particularly for tiling end plywood top top floors etc.They don"t to my understanding recommend tiling directly on to herbal wood - presumably because it might move a an excellent deal an ext than ply in the cross-grain direction.Personal experience says that even the cements designed to tile end ply sail reasonably close to the wind - despite using a recommended construct (factory encourage cement end tanking end primer end sealer end waterproof ply) i"ve watched problems develop - especially cracking increase of the grout as a result of much more movement emerging than it have the right to handle.Silicone sounds like a decent possibility, however even in that instance all is not constantly what that appears. Best to speak to the technology support guys at a reliable device if it"s more than a one turn off hobby job. Thoughts include:It most likely matters to use a great quality branded high solids contents silicone (as protest to among the cheap box store generics) since they need to be a many tougher. Silicone the a given type may bond much better on some surfaces than others. Most silicones exude acetic acid during the healing which could damage some surfaces - there room no/low mountain silicones about for this reason.Make certain that the bond heat (layer the adhesive between the two surfaces) is pretty special - a slim layer results in the adhesive having actually to take care of too much shear which can lead to tearing end time. Probably even consider some type of spacer arrangement - beads of an ideal size or the like...I"ve external inspection two pack lacquered birch plywood come glazed brick in a bathroom, and also four years later on it"s quiet going strong....ian