Zelda: Breath the the Wild"s Reach Zora"s Domain pursuit kicks off the trip to restoring divine Beast Vah Ruta, the ar of which friend can gain after completing look for Out Impa and Kakariko Village.

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If you"re after help for parts of the game, consult our Zelda: Breath the the Wild walkthrough and also guide.

How to begin the reach Zora"s Domain quest and also find Inogo Bridge

The best means to obtain to Zora"s Domain and explore the region of Lanaryu because that the first time is to head with the other side the Kakariko town going west.

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From there, you"ll view wetlands to the north. You need to obtain to the opposite corner in the phibìc east, just north the the tower, to find the Domain. It"s as much as you whether you want to go north west and continue to a road, which will take you clockwise round the wetlands and also would be much faster using a horse, or be adventurous and also cut across the wetlands in a directly line.

If an object in your food selection sparks, unequip the quickly.

When you gain to the Tower, it is in wary the the ice cream Wizzrobe in ~ the base, who deserve to kill you in one assignment if you"re no careful. A Bomb arrow should view to that nicely, then it"s an ext or less a straight climb up.

On your travels, and if you visit Soh Kofi Shrine simply north that the Tower, you"ll likely bump into Zora that will phone call you around where you need to go - Inogo Bridge, wherein Prince Sidon is waiting.


Continue eastern along the river, and after meeting through the prince a 2nd time, watch the end for the falling boulders on the edge just prior to going right. Round this corner the path is clogged by barbs, so head south onto the environment-friendly bank and cut across until the path resumes again, where there are two high posts and also another chat v the prince afterwards.

In this next passage, you"ll come throughout lots that Electrified Keeses. If they get close they"ll death you in a solitary touch. You have actually two selections - now"s a good time to chug that Electro Elixir the prince offered you, or take her time and also observe wherein the Keeses are; you deserve to see lock hanging ~ above the ceiling that the absent tunnel, so take it them out v arrows together you go.

The Lizalfo with the shock arrows top top the far upper left ridge is a pains - take it out first.

Following this is Luto"s cross - the greatest bridge yet - and another chat with the Prince, who advises a monster is behind friend - a gigantic Moblin. Our recommendation is to merely flee and also continue increase the path. In a couple of corners, you"ll pertained to an electric Wizzrobe.

You likely encountered the ice cream variant together you climbed this region"s Tower, and also the same rules use - keep your distance, have something in-between you both come block projectiles and use arrows. Bomb Arrows won"t occupational in the rain, so normal form and a an effective bow will have to do.

Head ring the corner, review the story engraving on the wall, and continue going. Because that these final couple of corners into Zora"s Domain, us recommend climbing top top the greater cliffs either side of the main path and also gliding end them and also down to the bridge, preventing a walk and also the Moblins that stalk the path.

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Cross the bridge, and also a cutscene will play together you get in Zora"s Domain.

Thanks come a brand-new update, it"s now feasible to beat Zelda Breath the the Wild in VR. Want assist with the main game? our Zelda: Breath that the Wild walkthrough can aid complete magnificent Beasts Vah Ruta, Vah Rudiana, Vah Medoh and also Vah Naboris and more. There"s also how to obtain the grasp Sword, Hylian Shield and also all Zelda caught Memories and great Fairy fractional locations, if our temples locations and also Shrine maps hub defines where to find and also solve every puzzle room, including dragon locations and also Labyrinth solutions. We also have a DLC 1 guide and also DLC 2 guide, including all Tingle, Majora"s Mask, Phantom, Midna outfit locations.