I mental awhile back reading that the skelly men at damages of Xullan and also in Black save drop them, but I spent an hour or so and no skeleton reduce anything. I know spending time around Eyelet Lake and waiting for meteors is effective as well, but that takes forever. I've additionally read the you have the right to tame the enemies in the piles area and also then take your weapons and also dismantle them in ~ the Bench. So of the 3, which would certainly be the quickest and also most effective?


Look just up phibìc of mounds of the dead. By black color ice deposit in the snow. Ns would use arrows , 2 oil an one explosive.

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I share your frustration friend can often warp to the frost temple and also find only 1 meteor. Mine old easy method was log in every 4 hours, farm yard the rock, then log in out.

After exploring around some i uncovered they're frequently on the hill walls come the west. They have the right to be opened with 1 single explosive arrowhead but never ever turn your ago on an opened rock or it will certainly despawn.

There is no other technique for obtaining decent amounts. Simply do a circuit path down to the frozen lake. Past that they sometimes drop yet it's rare and swarming with Sabertooths.

Don’t forget to execute a run over the hill south of the volcano and google Conan exiles map to examine for star steel which will provide an idea the the area they fall in

Most skeletons are bugged because Wine Cellar patch and also dont drop any type of loot anymore. Just in the dungeon.

Also thats not a good idea to obtain star metal.. Try normal agriculture in the north.

If single player just farm mounds of the Dead. Must be north sufficient to it is in in the region..

Have 19k star metal

One demonfire orb will also do the trick. Just remember that it bounces once then rod to wherein it lands the second time.

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Often time i usage the interaction map 8 times outta 10 yes sir starmetal curently what on that damn map

Most the moment it never ever took me much more than 30 minute to uncover a meteor. Possibly lucks no on her side though. Go farm piles thralls that begin with star metal weapons. Star metal honestly isn’t that good anymore though.


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