If you are something prefer me, girlfriend are quickly annoyed by all the Picasa albums that appear in your gallery. Many thanks to the synchronization the Google’s account, and the truth that every image you short article on Google ends up producing your very own album in Picasa, her gallery looks prefer an countless sequence the albums that contain one or two photos each many thanks to Picasa.

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If all you want when you open the gallery is to check out the picture that room actually stored on her device, and the SD map if you use it, follow this action to remove all Picasa web Albums.

For a long time, I used QuickPic come navigate my photos on my phone since of the speed, modifying options, and the fact that ns didn’t show all my Picasa albums. However, with Android coming to be quite fast and efficient now, as well as integrating photo modifying by default, I had less and less factor to will to QuickPic. The only thing that stays clear of me from using the Gallery day-to-day were the Picasa albums, however no more.


Step 1: prevent synchronizing the Picasa web album

The very first thing you should do is enter the setups of her device, find the Account section and also click ~ above the Google account. Choose your email deal with and uncheck the option “Synchronize Picasa web Albums “.


Note the the discontinuity of the synchronization will certainly not influence the instant upload of Google come the photos and will not remove the images of Picasa that the cloud. Just stop these sync albums because that your device and that will show up in her gallery.

Step 2: Delete the gallery data

Now the Picasa has actually stopped Syncing her phone, new albums have to not show up in the gallery anymore. But the albums that have already been synchronized are currently there. That’s why you should delete the data native the gallery.

Go come Settings, applications Manager, and slide your finger approximately Tab 3 (All). Scroll under to the gallery and click it. There, you will have the ability to “Clear Data “.

Step 3: permit the collection update

At this point, you’re usually done. All you need to do is open the gallery and wait for it to update and also rebuild your thumbnails. If girlfriend don’t have plenty of photos save on computer on your device, this will certainly be nearly instantaneous, but you will have to wait a couple of seconds if you have a large collection of photos.

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It’s a really easy point to set up, and the benefits space noticeable, particularly if your gallery is complete of Picasa albums the make that harder and harder to uncover the photos that space stored in your ar on your phone.

And you? carry out you prefer to have your Picasa and also Sync albums visible inside her gallery, or execute you access them native Google and also you like this method to store your collection tidy?

Note (Updated Jun 2019):

If you cannot remove Picasa Photos indigenous Samsung Galaxy S5, go into app settings and scroll to Picasa pressure stop and clear data and clear cache and also click “turn off”. Excellent