So, a lot of people (myself included) desire a hidden capability Garchomp. However, the only method to carry out that in Sun/Moon is to get a hidden capability Gabite first, i m sorry is really difficult. It took me just about 2.5 hours of straight chaining (the very first real chain I've excellent in the games) and I'd like to share mine strategy because that nabbing one of these guys. My strategy focused roughly using a solitary Fearow with a little help from some other Pokemon, however I'm walk to outline what need to be an optimized variation of my method.

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First, get TWO Fearows. My pointer is to walk to path 10 and also walk beside the shaking trees there. A Fearow have to dive bomb friend 80% of the time as soon as you're close sufficient (the other 20% will be Skarmorys). Friend can additionally get castle on path 17, mountain Hokulani, or the Poni levels (reference Serebii for more details). Ideally, they should have actually a nature that gives them increased Defense, although that isn't strictly necessary.

You will additionally need a Palossand. Friend can find a Sandygast on Hano Beach and evolve it in ~ level 42 (reference Serebii for further details). Again, a nature with raised Defense is better, however not necessary.

Last, you're gonna want 3 Leftovers, one because that each of her Fearows and your Palossand. Girlfriend can acquire these on path 1 from Munchlax, who has a 100% chance to organize one, in the area past the destructible rocks (use Tauros charge to gain there). Having actually a pokemon with Thief may make this a tiny easier, due to the fact that you have the right to just steal the item fairly than recording each Munchlax.

Now the you have actually all the pieces, you'll must train your pokemon. Get the Fearows to level 41. Their movesets will be the same:

Drill Peck

Aerial Ace


False Swipe

Drill Peck, Aerial Ace, and Return space all just kill move to get rid of Pokemon. False Swipe is for getting stuff down to 1 HP.

The Pallosand moveset is simple; only the an initial 2 slot matter.


Giga Drain

Once you have actually your level 41 Fearows and also Level 42 Palossand, go shopping:

40 super Potions

20 Hyper Potions

10 Revives

A few Super Repels

A few Leppa berries, Ethers, and Elixirs.

At the very least 2 Adrenaline Orbs

I feel choose this can be slightly excessive, but you absolutely don't desire to failure a chain due to insufficient supplies. As soon as you have actually everything, make one of the Fearows her party leader and head to the Haina Desert entrance. Friend will require the weather to it is in a Sandstorm so that Gabites can respond throughout an SOS battle. I think that that will constantly be a Sandstorm in ~ night, return I can be not correct (feel cost-free to correct me in the comments). Once you go into the desert, save your game, activate your very first Super Repel, and also head up. You want to walk right into as many of the rustling sand clouds spots as possible. Your goal is to find a Trapinch, which has a 10% chance of spawning from among the sand clouds. You deserve to constantly bike the an initial two sand clouds through going ago and forth in between the an initial area and also the tiny area at the first exit top top the best (the one bring about a Max Elixir). You deserve to just operation away from any Sandiles or Dugtrios you conference to save time.

Once you find a Trapinch, you're in business. Get it under to 1 hp utilizing False Swipe, usage an Adrenaline Orb, and also start chaining. Try to protect against level 28 Trapinchs, since they recognize Rock Slide. Obtaining hit by one won't kill one of your Fearows, yet it will certainly hurt. Level 29 is ideal, since they'll be the shortest level possible without learning Rock Slide.

In general, you deserve to use an Adrenaline Orb over and also over to waste turns and also stall the end the fight until one more Trapinch mirrors up. Leftovers will certainly negate all damage from Sandstorm. Dig and also Earth strength won't hurt her Fearows. Feint will execute minimal damage. The just real hazard will be Crunch. At any time the bonus result of Crunch procs (-1 stage Defense), swap the end to your 2nd Fearow. Because Fearow is paris type, Arena trap won't influence it. On transforms where friend would just use one Adrenaline Orb come burn a turn, you have the right to heal among your Fearows v a potion to save them healthy. If the PP of one of your moves it s okay low, you deserve to use a Leppa berry, Ether, or Elixir to replenish it. Make sure to cycle out your caller Trapinch every now and then to avoid it from exhausting the PP and dying from battle (I maintained track of each caller's PP on a item of paper using tally marks).

Whenever a Gabite shows up, you have the right to test for unstable Skin by using False Swipe. If you miss or if you don't take recoil damage, it method he has actually Sand Veil instead. Kill it with Drill Peck, Aerial Ace, or Return and keep going.

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Once you discover a Gabite through Rough Skin, immediately swap come Pallosand. Kill the Trapinch v Giga Drain and start do the efforts to placed it to sleep with Hypnosis (*Important Note: I have actually never viewed a lone Gabite call for help. Once you kill the Trapinch her chain is over, one method or another). The reason you're using a ghost kind here is come avoid having the Gabite kill itself with Take Down. Pallosand won't take damages from Sandstorm, take Down, or Slash, an interpretation the only threat is Sand Tomb; Leftovers and its inherent mass should save it alive. When you placed Gabite come sleep, swap back to Fearow and take it down to 1 HP making use of False Swipe. Swap back to Pallosand again and start make the efforts to capture it. If the wakes up, friend can try putting it come sleep again through Hypnosis to rise your catch rate. Use potions to heal up Pallosand if the looks choose he's in danger.