Castle Clash demands plenty of Gems and plenty that time, but Castle Clash codes are a means around the grind (and the cost) to obtain what girlfriend want.

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Most codes provide multiple items, but, similar to Genshin influence promo codes, you"ll acquire plenty of the game"s premium currency, Gems, as well. We’ll keep this perform up to day as brand-new codes release, therefore it’s precious checking ago often.

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What room Castle Clash codes?

Castle Clash codes space the best means to get free Gems in lock Clash. The finest Heroes price Gems, and also plenty that them. If you’re looking come get brand-new Heroes, then this is the way to go.

However, the codes offer more than that. These codes additionally give other items, such together Tomes and also Hero Scraps, you can use to level up your Hero and augment skins.

Magic rap codes space slightly different. These are technically occasion codes, but get to update every month. Lock don’t give you Gems. However, castle do provide you a little of virtually everything else, native skin boxes to Signets, Star Stones, and more.

How come redeem castle Clash codes

You’ll redeem lock Clash codes, sometimes called “redeem codes,” and also Magic Lab password differently. Here’s what to do for lock Clash redeem codes.

Open the game, and bring increase the setups menu. Find the box that states “Enter her IGG ID,” and form or paste your code.


How come redeem Magic rap codes

Since the video game treats Magic Lab as an event, you’ll must go under the events tab for this one. Discover Magic Lab, and also use the “+” and “-” buttons to go into the numeric code. These readjust monthly, therefore if you’re using a password that doesn’t work, check it against our updated table to check out if it’s current.

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All functioning Castle Clash codes

All functioning Castle Clash password for complimentary Gems and moreAll working Castle Clash codes for free Gems and more
B9295RGJHero Scraps
BFBUFFYFGems and also other items
BMVK7DJWGems and also other items
B7ZXXPA2Gems and other items
KXTP9X2TGems and other items
NK57PAQGGems and also other items
692CQKAAGems and other items
JDXX54UJGems and other items
8R9CPT4CGems and also other items
9D32MVGJGems and also other items
YPVYKSMGGems and also other items

Castle Clash Magic Lab password

All castle Clash Magic rap codesAll lock Clash Magic rap codes
141260 Magic Powder
2222200 Blessed Tomes III
21144 event Coins
2132800 Zenit Stones
1331600 honor Badges load II
1223600 Super pets Snacks
5111600 Capstone Ruby

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