The first ever piece of exotic armor in Division 2 is a holster referred to as the evade City Gunslinger, included in Title upgrade 4. But before you’re ready to stick it on your hip, you’ll first have to finish a series of difficult tasks, i m sorry include recording a series of Level 4 manage points and also finding miscellaneous components. In this guide, fine tell you exactly what to suppose from the holster—and climate take you with the process for obtaining it, step-by-step. Here’s just how to unlock The department 2’s evade City Gunslinger exotic holster.

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The division 2 Exotic Holster Talents

The dodge City Gunslinger exotic holster has actually three talents, which all revolve approximately your sidearm pistol.

The Sleight of Hand talent offers you the complying with bonuses when a pistol is equipped:

+20% Accuracy+20% Stability+40% Reload Speed+400% Optimal Range+20% Revolver Damage

The Quick Draw talent reloads all her weapons once you swap to her pistol.

The Perforator talent enables pistol shots to permeate enemies. Also, pistol headshot kills grant +20% weapon damage across the board for eight seconds, and also make shots indigenous your main and second weapons penetrate enemies throughout that period. Kills v a revolver boost the time to 11 seconds.

How to Unlock the department 2’s Exotic Holster — step 1

Speak come the blueprint seller at the White House. She’s alongside your crafting station. Acquisition Holster Intel: go West, Young Agent native the list. Then, you must head come the Riverside Gas Station regulate point, ~ above the much west the the map, as shown below. Take over the manage point—it have the right to be at any kind of level—and take the quick Leather Belt ingredient from her cache that rewards.


Step 2: discover Three other Components

After turning in the fast Leather Belt for your project, you’re request to collection three much more components. To acquire each, friend must capture three Level 4 regulate points—one controlled by Outcasts, one by True Sons, and one by Hyenas. They deserve to be any kind of control points own by these factions, yet they must be upgraded come Level 4 very first by completing attached activities.

You’ll know you’ve excellent it right due to the fact that the named elite opponent on the last wave that the regulate points will certainly be attract a cowboy hat. Clear the last wave and also you’ll be given your component reward. You will require to get the Ornate leather Holster, Inverted leather Holster, and Oiled Hammer Guards. Each of these deserve to be derived by completing a level 4 Hyena, True Sons, and also Outcast regulate point. Which faction you tackle is as much as you, as they each have a possibility to reward one of these parts.

Return come the White house to turn in the components.

Step 3: the High Noon

Once you’ve turned in the components, you’ll obtain one last project, called Showdown at High Noon Saloon. To finish the project, you need to go to a bar simply to the east of the White House, top top the border through Downtown East. You’ll likewise find the location it top top the task objective list.


You have actually to show up in ~ 12 afternoon (in-game time) for a team of black Tusk enemies will spawn. It’s not clear just how late you can afford to present up, yet if you’re over there in the early afternoon in-game climate you have to be fine. Girlfriend can inspect the time by start photo mode from your main menu.

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Kill all the black color Tusk enemies, consisting of one called enemy, to obtain the Holster: Rind component. Additionally, girlfriend will require one Providence and also one Petrov holster which are frequently sold by vendors. You may need to acquisition the blueprint an initial to in reality craft these two items.

Step 4: handmade the dodge City Gunslinger Exotic Holster

Now every that’s left the to handmade the holster. Go back to the White House, revolve in your energetic project and you’ll get 4 parts you need alongside a blueprint for the evade City Gunslinger exotic holster.