Every guy that’s fully or attract a quick haircut to know the challenges of the notorious shine or glare top top the optimal of her dome. 

For guys who acquire scalp micropigmentation, some shine ~ above the head is not uncommon. Guys who are naturally bald, have actually a closely shaven head, or have actually recently acquired scalp micropigmentation have choices to assist reduce the shine from a bald head. Washing regularly and using particular mattifying assets are just a couple ways to assist manage the shine. 

What causes shine ~ above a fully head?

Your body normally produces sebum, or oil, on her skin and scalp v the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands often build alongside hair follicles. However, in those v hair loss, just because hair follicles have passed away off doesn’t mean sebaceous glands space gone too. How much oil this glands produce may rely on one individual’s physiology. 

The function of sebum is to help seal in humidity in the skin. However, that is additionally responsible because that shine ~ above a fully head. Unfortunately, yes no concrete means to get rid of the organic production that oil. 

Sebaceous glands space responsible for producing 90% that the skin’s surface lipids. The lipids that comprise sebum encompass triglycerides and fatty acids, squalene, wax esters, and also cholesterol. Excess sebum is connected with dandruff and acne in countless people. In people who space bald, over there is no hair to absorb sebum, which leader to overfill oil on the scalp. 

How to remove the shine off a bald head

Wash your scalp

Some men who room bald do the wrong of feeling like they don’t need to wash your scalp. They could feel like, due to the fact that there’s no more hair, that unnecessary. However this couldn’t be more from the truth. A fully scalp needs a an excellent wash too. Shampoo or cleansers can aid decrease overabundance oil ~ above the scalp back it’s vital not to usage overly drying products. The wrong product could cause the scalp to create even more sebum production. 

Wipe off excess sweat

If she hitting the gym or working out regularly, you may have noticed her bald head is extra shiny after a session. Sweat, on peak of overabundance oil, deserve to play a huge duty in exactly how the head shines. Lug a bath towel or save a handkerchief on hand to assist wipe off excess sweat in the gym or any type of other time the the day. If girlfriend just acquired scalp micropigmentation, make certain to follow suitable aftercare instructions when it pertains to exercising. 

Opt for the right product


Some moisturizers space too greasy for the scalp. In ~ Scalp Micro USA, us recommend our clients usage a balanced anti-shine gel and moisturizer. 

The Folicule product line likewise includes Folicule Anti Shine for reducing bright on a fully head.

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Follicle Anti Shine contains enantia chlorantha bark extract, a herbal ingredient that helps remove excess oil and tighten the skin. The Folicule Moisturizer has actually a mattifying impact that reduces glare and shine, the best product can improve the look of the scalp if nourishing it through the appropriate nutrients. 

Have more questions about how to treatment for a fully or buzzed head, especially after scalp micropigmentation? Contact the team in ~ Scalp Micro USA to learn more about how you can care for her scalp.