Xbox and also its controllers, a three-word crazy story in i m sorry you remain in front of a display screen for longer sessions the are complete of excitement, surprises, thrillings, and also chillings.

No matter what game you room playing the Xbox controller is the primary need because that Xbox gaming and what spoils every the funny of gaming is if any type of of the controller buttons feels sticky or responds late due to stickiness in buttons the the controller.

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While gaming we come throughout some highly intense moments wherein we pour out beverages and also food over controllers, it appears fine at the moment however in the future, it have the right to be a large problem because that you once you space playing through sticky buttons.

Are you among those who room confused about how to fix a sticky switch on the Xbox controller? Don’t issue anymore due to the fact that in this post we will certainly tell you how to solve a sticky button on Xbox Controller and also how come clean the controller and get it back to the aesthetics of a new controller.

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This procedure works far better with the plastic buttons on the other side the rubber buttons takes much more time and also effort. However the end results will leave girlfriend shocked.

Do you should take your Xbox or Xbox One controller apart?

For gamers, the difficult buttons of the controller are among the typical issues the they confront while utilizing a gaming controller for prolonged sessions.

The stickiness that lies between the buttons reasons them to respond late making it challenging for gamers to play games and give their height performance.

Fortunately, this procedure is simple fix that anyone have the right to use through the aid of part tools and yes, girlfriend will need some patience too. If your controllers space old, climate our advice would be to buy a brand-new controller together it’s much more convenient and also easily affordable.

Why perform controller buttons gain sticky?

The most common reason for sticky buttons the the controller is a mixture the dust and dirt blended with our hand’s sweat or oil. The snack and drinks the come in call with the controller v your hand when you space gaming contribute as well.

If you space stuck through such an issue, then no need to worry due to the fact that we have actually some ways through which you can clean that junk up and make your controller job-related like it’s new.

How to settle a Sticky switch on Xbox one controller

If you are thinking of exactly how to solve sticky buttons the the controller, then right here are part tried and tested true-ways the can aid you a lot. Amongst them, i m sorry one to usage is counts on how much the Controller buttons are jammed and also what’s your comfort level.

Clean around buttons through alcohol and Q-Tips

If you have actually spilled anything on her controller, then her controller requirements a mirror cleaning about buttons. To perform that, grab some Q-tips and some rubbing alcohol and follow this procedure.

Firstly, unplug the controller native a console or disconnect it.Then, dive the Q-tip right into rubbing alcohol carefully.Then take that Q-tip and rub that about the control buttons that are sticking. Try to get as far and deep down the switch as girlfriend get.Once you have actually cleaned the switch as lot as you can, now it’s time come check. Push the sticky buttons a couple of times so that the alcohol go down into the surface ar of the buttons and loosen any type of debris the is stuck in it. If you space still encountering the same issue, then do repeat the procedure several time (sometimes the takes time) or you can also shot another method which is written below in this article.

The alcohol evaporates quickly and it is advised the you shouldn’t use much alcohol as it might damage the circuitry damage to the controller.

Note: Never clean her controller buttons through water, since when the water gets within it reasons circuitry and also corrosion damages to the controller.

Another method: take it the Xbox controller apart and also clean

The 2nd alternative alternative you need to fix the difficult buttons ~ above Xbox controllers is to take the controller apart. This technique is risky, you can end up damaging the controller instead of solving it.

So, it is advised that only go through this technique if you have experience in opened up electronic devices as this is the procedure of removed the motherboard of a console which likewise requires good attention and super keen monitoring skills.

To carry out so, girlfriend will require several screwdrivers of different sizes and some other basic tools that you might already have in your tool kit.

Tools girlfriend need:

Soldering ironTweezersSpudgerT6 Torx Screwdriver.T8 Torx Screwdriver

Step 1: Battery pack

First, remove the battery cover and then remove the battery.

Step 2: next handles

Hold the controller strongly and remove the next handles, wedging a spudger in in between a seam that is in between the front and handles plates.Now pry the plate far by relocating the spudger earlier and forth.

Step 3: Screws

Use a driver to beat a hole in the facility of a brand at the back of the controller.In this way, eliminate 5x screws. Utilizing T8 security Torx Screwdriver.

Step 4: Backplate

Remove the backplate.

Step 5: faceplate

Now, remove the faceplate.

Step 15:

Now clean the buttons by utilizing Q-tips or alcohol properly and then place everything back to its initial position appropriately otherwise the controller won’t work.

That’s all and also you room done clean the controller and its buttons.

Do and don’t while solving sticky buttons that a controller


Use a cotton swab and alcohol.Be gentle through the controller.Use the best tools.Trust a repair shop, they are professionals.


Never use water come clean.Don’t organize with extreme force.Don’t use a typical screwdriver.Don’t go for DIY if you nothing have any experience.


These space the technique of how to fix a sticky switch on the Xbox one controller. Make certain you follow these ways to store your controller clean and also safe native stickiness.

Don’t eat and play.Keep the area clean and dust-free.Use a clean hands-on controller.

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That’s every folks. Us hope this post will be a an excellent help to you. Say thanks to you.