If her bathroom towel bar is no screwed directly into the lumber studs, gradually it may loosen or autumn out. If the towel bar has actually pulled out of the wall, over there is one easy method to resolve this yourself. Whether you need to reinstall an existing towel bar or download a brand new one, us will display you just how to do this also if the holes in the wall surface are damaged.


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To fix a loose or broken towel bar:

Remove the old or damaged towel bar from her wall.Use a cordless drill and make the existing holes in the wall surface larger so you deserve to put in toggle bolts.Put the toggle bolts top top the bath towel bar mounting hardware by slide the screw into the mounting hole and threading the spring loaded item onto the various other side.Slide the feather loaded component of the toggle bolt right into the wall surface far sufficient so it have the right to spring open.Tighten the toggle bolts v a screwdriver till they space snug. (do no over tighten)Attach one of the bath towel bar brackets to the wall by tightening a little screw with a flat screwdriver.Put the bath towel bar into the bath towel bar holder bracket you just attached.Put the other end of the bath towel bar into the other bracket and also then secure the bracket come the wall. (if you placed both towel bar holder base on the wall before the actual bath towel bar, there will certainly not it is in enough space for that to on slide in)


Toggle bolts are finest to use in this case when the drywall is damaged. The image above is the a toggle bolt i beg your pardon will work-related well in this situation.

Bathroom towel bar repair

If you understand of an easier means to repair or solve a towel bar that has fallen out of the wall, please leaving a comment below.

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