In Dragon round Xenoverse 2, one of the many things you have the right to do is collect all 7 Dragon Balls to do a wish to Shenron. This wishes will grant you a selection of different requests indigenous unlocking secret characters come reallocating your stats.

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There space two ways to collection the 7 Dragon Balls in Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 and also we will start with the easiest means to collection them, yet it’s likewise the most random.


The first method come collecting Dragon Balls is by fighting AI Time Patrols in Conton City. The AIs that desire to fight deserve to be uncovered with a blue mite over your bodies.

Talk come them and also they will difficulty you to a fight. The frequency that the battles that display up in Conton City are random and also it might take you part traveling around and time to find enough war to get Dragon Balls. Your very first battle through Sanud outside of Orange Star High institution will immediately grant friend the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

Whether you’ll be gifted a Dragon round each time you success a fight with an AI is not known but after three fights we obtained three different Dragon Balls ,so happy hunting.

The second means to collection Dragon Balls in Dragon sphere Xenoverse 2 is by perfect Parallel quest 4 in a details way. Fine go much more in-depth to how to farm Dragon Balls using this an approach in the next section.


In the first Xenoverse game, there to be a method to farming Dragon Balls the revolved around a certain Parallel Quest and it looks prefer Xenoverse 2 has a comparable farming method.

In Xenoverse 2, enter Parallel quest 4 (Prepare because that the attack of Saiyans) and also quickly loss the very first three enemies.

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A portal will open up to the following area yet DON’T get in IT. There will certainly be three time patrollers hanging around. Go as much as them and defeat them.

The three time patrollers you require to face to gain a Dragon ball Photo: Bandai Namco
If you obtain a an alert that you got a vital ITEM then complete the mission. If girlfriend don’t obtain the vital ITEM pause and retry. This is no guaranteed, unfortunately, but it’s a relatively easy mission.

Check out this handy farming video thanks to PowerPyx come see specifically what you are looking for.


I want money - You"ll get a big amount that Zeni

I want a rare item - You"ll get one that a variety of rare equipable items in the game

I want to dress up - You"ll get a rare item of clothing

I want to obtain stronger - rare Super spirit (unconfirmed)

I want to prosper - automatically level up

I want a brand-new Ultimate assault - You get a new, rarely Ultimate Attack

I want a new Super attack - You get a new, rarely Super Attack

I want an ext useable characters - you unlock among a select few characters which can only it is in unlocked via this wish

I want a second chance at life - Realocate her stat points

I want to it is in drop dead gorgeous - change your character"s appearance

I desire medals - You will be offered TP medal

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