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modding a ps2 is as soon as you download a mod need to open up your ps2 and also then solder it on.if you"re fear to do that, the different is swap magic.its a cd you have the right to buy, that permits you to play homebrew apps/backups/ and also imports.Welcome to Swap Magic 3 Official net Site
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I"ve to be thinking about dumping the bios from my brand-new PS2 since my old one was shed in a fire last year.Will Swap Magic work with the Slim PS2s?
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yes it works, even on the PS3.i have SM 3.6, and it can run Elf records from USB,just rename the dumper come SMBOOT0.ELF and also put it come X:\SWAPMAGIC,press UP+L1 when Swapmagic is booted up (you need to see the alternatives Load program and also select videomode) and also there you don"t even have to swap Disks If the doesn"t carry out anything or you get a black color screen, climate you replicated something wrong, your USB stick is wrong formatted (must it is in Fat32), or is not supported.
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