Papers you re welcome Day 5

November 27th, 1982

On job Five, you must pay attention to the headlines, specifically around Vince Lestrade, a monitor Star want for murder. Lestrade will show up as an entrant in ~ your customizeds booth throughout the day. Vince Lestrade’s paperwork is all in order, therefore if you simply straight up refuse him friend will acquire a citation (or penalty if you have already received two citations).

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There space a number of things you can do. You can just give him directly up, which saves you gameplay time throughout the day to make much more money by processing claims, or girlfriend can enter Inspection Mode and also link his surname on his passport with the headline article from the newspaper, and then either refuse him or detain him.


What you perform does not affect gameplay from below on out, outside of a headline change in the newspaper tomorrow. Indigenous a pure cost-basis, granting him straight-up provides the most sense.

Detaining is a new feature. ~ interrogating somebody once, you can have that or she detained. This must only be offered in particular circumstances, together as someone refusing come leave. Otherwise, you will certainly be wasting time over simply denying somebody’s passport for entry.

At the end of the day, you likewise get a opportunity to do your very first booth upgrade, which enables you to open up Inspection Mode and close it v use the the space bar.


All attendees must have actually a passportAll files must it is in current and not expiredAll foreigners must have a valid, unexpired entry permitAll Arstotzkans must have a valid ID card


Entrant One is an Antegrian whose passport and entry allow numbers execute not complement up. Disapprove him or her.Entrant three is Vince Lestrade. As debated above, you deserve to do what friend want v him, but his documents are valid.Entrant 5 is visiting from joined Federation.Entrant Eight is a masculine Antegrian whose records are valid. Give him/her.Entrant nine is a woman Antegrian that is the wife of Entrant Eight. If you denied Entrant Eight for whatever reason, she will immediately leave. She will be absent her entry permit. Granting her will provide you the Antegria token along with the corresponding heavy steam achievement, and also a citation/penalty.


First entrant

After interrogation:

Hey wait. Perform not arrest me, please.Just deny my passport and I will go away.

Fifth entrant


What is the objective of her trip?It is not my choice. I dislike this cursed country.I am simply passing through. duration of stay?As little as possible. 2 days.

If approved:


If denied:

Just as well.

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As detailed before, providing Vince Lestrade’s passport without interrogating that at all is the best option if you want to be able to process as numerous claims feasible within the day and also make mroe money.The booth update at the end of the day allows you to hit the room bar come open and also close inspection Mode. Needless to say, having actually this together a hotkey can aid shave secs off every time you should use it.