You can click on edit appearance, which will take you come the modifying feature where you can change your profile picture, header, bio, etc. If you scroll down a little, there will be a switch that says modify theme.

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As you have the right to see, I’ve currently created a masterlist, but since you haven’t make one however yours will certainly look blank. Indigenous here, you deserve to click “Add a page”, which will take you to a blank area for you to develop your masterlist (you’ll create it out comparable to producing a post). For each written post that you have, you’ll want to add a connect to the so that readers deserve to easily click on it and also be brought to the specific work.


You execute this through highlighting every little thing piece of message or prize you want to hold the link, and also then click the little infinity authorize at the top of the text editing bar. You climate insert the link to the post that you want.


When you’re including a attach to the post, open that post specifically in a brand-new window, and then copy the URL at the top of the page. It’ll look something favor this:


Then click insert link. As soon as you’ve done this, whatever piece of message you highlighted initially to attach the post to have to now have actually a gray line underneath it. Save your development as you go, and repeat these actions until you’ve linked every one of your posts.

(I hope the wasn’t too confusing, do a mobile masterlist is a tiny simpler😊)

Mobile Masterlist

Making a cell phone masterlist is a tiny less facility than a traditional masterlist because it doesn’t involve editing and enhancing your theme. That being said, it’s still a relatively similar process. To do a mobile masterlist, you’re in reality going to it is in making a text article that you will then publicly upload to your blog. If friend scroll much enough back through my posts, you’ll find my really masterlist short article (but it’s much much easier to click the link in my bio i m sorry takes you directly to the post).

If you’ve currently created a standard masterlist, i recommend copying and pasting all of that linked information right into a post, that method you don’t have to re-type and also re-link everything. (The web links will lug through once you copy and paste).

However, if you haven’t created a typical masterlist, just kind everything out right into a short article exactly the means you desire it (type the end the title for every short article you desire to link). Then, highlight the text you want to it is in linked, choose this:


And insert (paste) the URL come the certain post you desire linked. You can repeat this step for every attach you desire to add, and also then upload the masterlist as a publicly post.

Now, for including a LINK IN her BIOto the masterlist post you’ve just added, you’ll need to go into the“Edit Appearance” feature:


To edit your bio from her theme. From here, you’ll should essentially add a attach to her mobile masterlist (Masterlist post) using specific coding.

Here’s a screenshot native what mine bio watch like, and also then I’ll add the specific code the I usage at the end for you come copy and also use if girlfriend like.


“M.List” through a link line underneath. This code is what creates that link.

This is the code:


The portion that I’ve bolded is whereby you’ll insert her own connect to the particular masterlist post (copy and paste it, as you deserve to see I’ve pasted the particular link to my mobile masterlist). The section that I’ve italicized (M.List) is what your attach will show up as to readers. Ns personally speak to it M.List, but you can call it every little thing you like (a many of human being simply use“Masterlist” here).

Save this in your bio, and important reminder:

When, in the future, you desire to modify your bio, constantly edit from within the“Edit Theme” feature, and also not just from the“Edit Appearance” feature, since when you modify the bio there is no going into the“Theme” feature, it unlinks the post and also you have to reattach it. It’s honestly just a hassle.

I’m sure there space other means to create a mobile masterlist link yet this is constantly the method I’ve excellent it.

Also, once you desire to modify a cell phone masterlist (or upgrade it) friend will have actually to edit the article itself. The connect in her bio because that the mobile masterlist will upgrade as you upgrade the post, there’s no need to update the link.

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I understand this was super long so I’m sorry because that that, yet hopefully it assisted anyone interested in making a masterlist, or if you’re simply curious on just how I made mine.

Have a an excellent day, feel totally free to send me a article if girlfriend have any questions!❤️