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I have actually an HP iPAQ running home windows Mobile 5 (build 14957.2.3.1). How do I obtain it to synchronise v my home windows 7 computer? as soon as I put it right into its cradle then it looks together if it is connecting, yet nothing happens. Many thanks for any kind of help.

I have an HP iPAQ running home windows Mobile 5 (build 14957.2.3.1). How do I gain it to synchronise through my home windows 7 computer? as soon as I placed it into its cradle then it looks together if it is connecting, however nothing happens. Numerous thanks for any help.
Easy method to attach without any kind of activesync software application is: on your iPAQ,1. Walk to your setting menu,2. Select connections,3. Pick "activesync mode",4. Adjust the connection form from RNDIS Sync setting to "USB Serial Sync Mode.Use your iPAQ come PC interface cable through USB end connector and just attach straight to your PC. Follow the instructions the follow in order to connect. Friend will get an interface home window which enables you to attach to her iPAQ. This is the best way yet... Great luck...Joseph

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